Entering the Engineering Menu Lenovo P70

Not many people know about the existence of a menu in the Android OS with advanced settings of the device. engineering menu. And someone knows, but not at all how to enter it and what to do with it.
In this article, we will show how to enter the engineering menu and some of its features.

You can enter the engineering menu simply by writing a special command (but it must be added that this method does not work on all versions of Android and not on all devices)

The command to enter the engineering menu: ## 3646633 ##

Also, on some versions of Android, the command may work # 15963 # and ## 4636 ##

Immediately after entering, the command should disappear and the engineering menu should open. But on some devices you still need to press the key "Call"

Entering the Engineering Menu Lenovo P70

If this method did not produce a result, you can use the alternative!

And it is at the installation of the program (which by the way is freely available on Google Play) " Mobileuncle MTK Tools 2.4.0"

This program will open access to the engineering menu (i.e., it will work similarly to the combination set ## 3646633 ##)

There are a lot of settings there! The scope for experimentation is huge! You can debug and adjust almost EVERYTHING!

For clarity, we briefly analyze the volume level setting of the device:

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Video: Entering the Engineering Menu Lenovo P70

-We go into the program.> select section "Engineer mode"

-Next, select the section.> "Engineer Mode (MTK)

-Because for us it is interesting to adjust the sound level, select.> "Audio"

-And voila, the menu that interests us opens.

Further only required "conjure" with settings and adjust the device for yourself!

Max Vol. one for the entire subsection, as a rule, 150 is set (you can change 0-160. it changes if you select the Media item in the subsection).

If in some submenu, for example, Audio. Normal. Sph the general level is not accessible for regulation, then go to another subsection, for example, Audio. Normal. Media. there will be an opportunity to adjust the overall volume level.

Sub Items:
Sph. volume levels during a telephone conversation,
Mic. microphone sensitivity levels,
Ring. ringer volume
Media. volume when playing music, movies, in games.

Ringer volume levels are set in Audio. LoudSpeaker. Ring
Max Vol = 150
Levels: 120 130 145 160 180 200 (begins to wheeze more)

Speaker Volume Levels in Phone Dynamics in Audio. Normal. Sph
Max Vol = 150
Levels: 100 120 130 135 140 145 150

Microphone Talk Volume Levels in Audio. Normal. Mic
Levels: 100 172 172 172 172 172 172

Multimedia volume levels set in Audio. LoudSpeaker. Media
Max Vol = 150 (it is the same for the entire section)
Levels: 110 130 160 190 210 230 250

All the same can be configured for the Headset mode, by analogy:

Entering the Engineering Menu Lenovo P70

Speakerphone volume levels are set in Audio. LoudSpeaker. Sph
Max Vol = 150 (it is the same for the entire section)
Levels: 80 100 110 120 130 140 150 (starts to wheeze more)

Now all the volumes are adjustable in adequate ranges.
If you are not satisfied with the volume levels. you can set your own values ​​(the higher the value, the higher the volume when adjusting the volume keys, or the greater the microphone sensitivity)

By analogy, you can configure most sections! Experiment!

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