Entering Huawei Engineering Menu

The engineering menu on Huawei and Honor is a function that provides user access to manually configure phone settings. Read about the features of the option for Android gadgets in this article.

What is an engineering menu and what is it for?

The engineering menu on Huawei and Honor is a check of errors and the operating status of the device. The function allows you to easily and simply eliminate them, customize the phone to fit your needs. Standard indicators do not always meet the requirements of the owner of the device, but the developers of the built-in program allow you to independently configure your smartphone and tablet.

How to enter the engineering menu on Honor and Huawei

Entering the service menu on Huawei and Honor, functioning on Android occurs after:

  • open dialing on the phone;
  • entering the secret code.

The most requested combination is # # 3646633 # #

Codes vary, depending on the model. Effectiveness also depends on the availability of the service menu in the gadget. To activate the feature on new products, enter the code. And on old ones. confirm the action by pressing the call. It is important to prescribe the code, and not copy, because it will not work for input. And do not write the service code to the phone. This will not speed up the process.

Codes for accessing the engineering menu of Huawei and Honor

To enter the Honor engineering menu, there are special codes that are used for a long time, even before the release of android smartphones. But using them is not very convenient and sometimes unsafe. It is important to understand that their use can provoke the removal of personal information and disrupt the functioning of some functions.

Available Functions

Entrance to the engineering menu will please the user, who at a high level operates various gadgets. But adjust in this way only those functions that you know well.


This is the first feature displayed at the start of testing. There are many settings available in this paragraph, manifested in the following:

  1. Adjust the answering machine features.
  2. Manual selection of GSM frequencies.
  3. Setting up conditional call forwarding.
  4. A utility that is designed for developers to maintain an AT team.
  5. Configuring the compatibility of different devices.
  6. The choice of optimal performance and quality of mobile communications.
  7. Mobile Internet connection settings.
  8. 3G connection if the phone supports the function.
  9. Priority of the Internet, compared with voice traffic.
  10. Setting the power saving mode in third generation networks.
  11. Choosing a frequently applicable communication standard.
  12. Testing communication by a specific channel.
  13. Manual GSM module configuration.

Logging in MI solves these problems in the case of choosing the right heading.

Connectivity (Wireless Interfaces)

A section with functions whose actions are aimed at transmitting information. Most often, they use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for implementation for:

  • starts the debug mode;
  • FM analysis;
  • Wi-Fi checks for receiving data.

Entering the menu is similar.

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Hardware Testing

Engineering Mode provides module verification.

  1. Setting the optimal parameters for the correct sound.
  2. Adjust settings for high-quality photos.
  3. Checking processes that happen inside.
  4. Deactivate and adjust sleep mode during standby mode.
  5. Displays battery and charge data.
  6. Sensor calibration
  7. Check and adjust the number of points if the owner of the gadget simultaneously clicks several zones.
  8. GPS check.

Instructions for use below.

How to increase the volume through the engineering menu of Huawei and Honor

This functionality is the ability to change the speaker volume. For implementation:

  • enter code / password;
  • open “Hardware Testing”.

Further actions will allow you to perform the necessary function after determining the main method. The first is volume control “Normal Mode”. The second called “Headset Mode” performs the same function, but for headphones.

Video: Entering Huawei Engineering Menu

After determining the method:

  • set the parameters in the “Type” field.
  • enter “Level 0”;
  • in the fields “Value” and “Max. Vol set the volume level.

Keep in mind that the maximum indicator is 225. For comfortable use, it is recommended to remember the indicator, which is initially. And then, if necessary, return the same actions.

Bluetooth settings

To set up Bluetooth on your tablet (Mediapad) or smartphone, enter one of the suggested combinations. # # 3646633 # # , # # 4636 # # or # 15963 #

Open the “Information on the device and installation of the Bluetooth module” section. Start the download again and change the search options.

Screen calibration

Touch screens are convenient and easy to use. But long-term operation violates accuracy, regardless of the type of screen and model. Calibration is required to correct the malfunction. For the concept that it is time to start the process, the following malfunctions on the gadget will be informed:

  • the sensor does not work. the user clicks on the display, but the device does not respond;
  • certain types of actions do not work. the gadget can respond to clicking, but not perceive the wave;
  • inaccurate fixation of the pressed place. one button is selected, but the device activates another action;
  • the gadget only works when using the stylus or vice versa does not respond to finger movements;
  • drawing on the screen is displayed by lines.

It is important to calibrate with the device that you most often control with your phone — a stylus or a finger. There are two implementation options. The second must be started if the first did not work.

Perform the “Settings” / “Screen” / “Screen calibration” transition. The system will display circles of different colors and under different numbers. Depending on the serial number, click on them. After the action ends, the system will inform that the test is completed. After restart the gadget.

The second method is implemented by a special code. # # 3646633 # #

Entering Huawei Engineering Menu
  • go to the “Hardware Testing” section;
  • lower the displayed list to the bottom and press “Sensor” / “Sensor Calibration” / “Clear Calibration”.

Then click on “Do calibration 20%” to increase the sensitivity of the screen. Additional actions for saving do not need to be done. Just exit the menu and reload the gadget.

How to test a smartphone through the engineering menu

To understand the level of work of the engineering menu, take a series of actions to test the smartphone. on this below.


To format, follow the algorithm:

  1. “Settings” / “Restore and reset” / “Reset settings” / “Reset phone settings”.

Wait up to 10 minutes for the system to process the information. Before starting the process, you need to save important data on another device.

Change IMEI

IMEI is a unique numerical combination for each device. Change IMEI in such cases:

  • if the phone is bought abroad and does not work in a specific country;
  • You need to get the distribution of the Internet from the operator;
  • if you purchased a used gadget and want to increase the level of security of use.

You can specify the number if you look at the box in which the phone was sold.

If the box is not at hand, remove the back cover, remove the battery and look at the number on the back of the phone. You can also dial # 06 # and IMEI will be displayed.

  1. Activate the engineering input menu.
  2. Activate the “Connectivity” / “CDS Information” / “Radio Information” / “Phone” commands.

Indicate the ID number in parentheses. Press “SEND AT COMMAND“ to confirm the action.

What to do if the engineering menu does not open?

If the standard options did not work out in the engineering menu, then the user needs to use the software. MTK Engineering or MobileUncle Tools. The first is fast and convenient. Download the application and click MTK Engineer Mode. The second is more powerful. Install the program, perform the transition “Engineering Mode” / “Engineering Menu (MTK)”. Keep in mind that the application was developed by a Chinese programmer, therefore it exists only in English and Chinese. Also on the Play Market you can’t find it, but on the Internet, this task will not cause difficulties.

Alternative. Project Menu

The manufacturer in some models, decides that a full-fledged engineering service is not needed and installs an alternative option. Project Menu. It also opens, but after entering another program appears. The main difference between the Project Menu is only informational. It is divided into relevant categories:

  • Battery Charge. Informs about battery levels and degree of heating.
  • Network Information Query. display information about the SIM card;
  • Veneer Information. data from the OS and other programs that are built into the gadget;
  • Restore Factory. return to factory settings;
  • Software Upgrade. update OP;
  • Background Settings. change the color of the theme, the establishment of the USB port;

PM operates on Honor 4c / 7a / 7c / 7x / 8a / 9 Lite / 10/10 Lite / 20 Pro / and Huawei Y5 / P10 Lite / P 20 Lite / P 30 Pro / P Smart 2020 / Nova 2 / Nova 3 / Y6 Prime / Y7. And also on Huawei’s Mediapad tablets. It is used by users who want to use the gadget comfortably, customize it for themselves. Perhaps the options are almost endless. But only experienced users can use them, so as not to harm the device. Ignorance of the function will lead to a malfunction, which can be eliminated only after the help of a specialist. For some users, changes are displayed immediately after the procedure. For others, a reboot is a must. Please update your gadget before proceeding.