Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

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Tell me, I just can’t enter safe mode on my HP laptop.

Windows 10 is installed. I tried the F8 button. it does not work, I tried to create a bootable USB flash drive. but the laptop does not start from it. Tell me, is there a working 100% way?

Good day!

In general, for various problems with Windows. often it needs to be loaded into safe mode For example, your OS has stopped loading, a black screen appears before you, a critical error has come out, a driver conflict, etc.

But far from always being able to enter it (as the user asking the question). often the computer / laptop simply does not respond to your presses of the F8 button (previously it was the basic button for invoking the boot menu).

In this article, I will discuss several ways that you can enter safe mode in various versions of Windows.

On Windows 10 (8, 8.1)

If Windows boots

Method number 1. using msconfig

To change the type of download. open system configuration : to do this, click the WinR button combination, then to the line "Open" enter command msconfig and press Enter.

msconfig. system configuration

Next, open the tab "Loading" , and check the box next to "Safe mode" By the way, note that there are several boot options: minimal, another shell, with network support, etc.

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

Boot Options. Safe Mode

Save the settings and restart your PC, laptop. Windows should start in safe mode. To make Windows start up again in normal mode, use the reverse procedure (uncheck the box "Loading" in the system configuration).

Method number 2. reboot with Shift

The method also works in both Windows 8 and Windows 10. Just hold down the Shift key and restart the computer using the button in the START menu (in Windows 8. on the desktop).

Reboot with Shift key held down

Then the computer will restart and you should see a window asking you to choose one of the options: in our case, select "Troubleshooting" , then in "Diagnosis" choose "Add. parameters" (see photo below).

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

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Action Choice. Diagnostics

Then you need to open the section "Download Options"

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

And restart the computer.

Actually, after a reboot, you will be offered several options for safe mode: with loading network drivers, with command line support. Buttons for selection: F4, F5, F6.

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

F4-F5-F6 to boot PC in without. mode

Method number 3. using F8 (for Windows 8)

In general, according to the developers of Windows 8. in safe mode, you can enter using all the same "old" keys F8 ( for PC / laptop parts. SfiftF8 ) But the problem is that Windows 8 boots faster than older OSs. Because of what, the user simply does not have time to press the key in time.

Video: Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

Especially if you have a modern PC with an SSD and UEFI instead of BIOS. On older PCs with HDD and classic BIOS. you can have time to press the F8 key, and this method is quite working!

If Windows does not boot

If instead of the usual desktop you see a black screen or the appearance of some critical errors, or the PC immediately freezes and becomes "dead", as soon as the desktop appears and you do not have time to activate another type of boot, you need to have a bootable CD | DVD disc, or a USB flash drive.

If you do not have a flash drive, I’ll provide a link to the current article below. If your flash drive was not recorded ahead of time, and you do not have a second working PC, you will have to turn to a neighbor / friend for help

Great instruction on creating bootable flash drives for installing Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 (UEFI and Legacy). https://ocomp.info/cozdanie-zagruzochnoy-fleshki.html

Next, you need to boot from this media. To do this, you need to go in and configure the BIOS accordingly, or call the BOOT menu (note: boot menu with media selection) These topics are extensive and in this article I do not stop there, I will provide links to my instructions below.

Hot keys for entering the BIOS menu, Boot Menu, recovery from a hidden partition. https://ocomp.info/goryachie-klavishi-dlya-vh-bios-boot-menu.html

Next, when the first window for installing Windows appears, click the link "System Restore" (lower left).

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

System Restore (during OS installation)

Then follow the following path: Action selection / Diagnostics / Advanced options / Command line

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

Add. options. command line

Then you need to enter the command: bcdedit / set safeboot minimal and press Enter Next, close the command line and press "Proceed" The computer should boot in safe mode. the mission is complete.

Note! If you need to boot Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, use the command:
bcdedit / set safeboot network

On windows 7

Also relevant for Windows XP

In Windows 7, to open the menu with boot options. just after turning on the computer / laptop, press repeatedly several times F8 key. until you see the screen for additional Windows boot options (example below).

Enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Hp

Select boot option // Windows 7

If your F8 key doesn’t work, or by "uncharted" Reasons to enter still can not. you can resort to one method. Wait until Windows starts loading and at this moment press the reset button on the system unit. RESET (on laptops you need to hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds).

As a result, the PC will restart, and you will see the safe mode menu (it appears automatically). But in general, use this method to enter without. mode. not recommended (in order to avoid additional problems).

On a laptop

In general, the laptop enters into safe mode in the same way as described above (use the method, depending on your Windows OS).

Asus Laptops : actual recommendations above (F8 or ShiftF8).

Acer laptops : all of the above is relevant. True, there are some models (old), where the method was rather unusual: Ctrlf9.

Lenovo Notebooks : as a rule, when loading, just press the F8 button (for Windows 7). If you have Windows 8, 10. use the option with the command msconfig

HP Notebook PCs (entering non-Windows mode)

If the options suggested above fail, try the following:

  1. Turn on the laptop;
  2. Immediately press the Esc button until the start menu appears;
  3. Press the F11 key (system recovery begins);
  4. Next, start Windows in safe mode (similar to method 2 at the beginning of this article).


Please note that on laptops, the F1-F12 function keys may be disabled in the BIOS. (or they can be used while pressing the Fn (F-key) key) It’s about HotKey Mode (and others like it). That is why, sometimes on laptops it is impossible to enter safe mode in Windows 7 by pressing the F8 button.

For additions. thank you in advance.

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