Enlarge Iphone 6 Call Log

Earlier, we already familiarized ourselves with the Apple iPhone phone book and even considered one of the ways to create a new contact, today we will continue to save numbers on the iPhone and consider another way that is used daily by millions of users around the world.

Enlarge Iphone 6 Call Log

We warn you right away, a note for beginners and beginners “dummies” from the series “How to use an iPhone“, So an experienced Apple phone user will not learn anything new.

Any operation of the Apple iPhone begins with the installation of a SIM card, as soon as the number is inserted and the phone has successfully picked up the signal from the cellular network, we immediately want to check its operability and make a call. But, without having found our numbers, we ask ourselves a question. Where are the contacts stored in the iPhone? We start digging the Internet and find out how to import contacts to iPhone from your SIM card to the phone book. After successfully importing contacts, we’re a little happy.

In order for joy to continue, you need to study the capabilities of the device and be able to use it, so today we will get to know one of the sections of the Phone application and save some number in our phone book.

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In the standard Phone application there is a “Recent” section (in previous versions of iOS it was called “Recent”) in other words, this section can be called. IPhone Call History. This section stores all recently dialed, incoming and missed numbers, i.e. those that you yourself dialed, who called you and those who could not get through. Missed numbers are marked in red, in order to view only missed numbers there is a “Skip.” Button.

Starting with iOS 5.0, it’s now possible to delete individual numbers from your iPhone’s call history by deleting it. But you can clear the entire call history immediately, for this there is a button “Change”. “Delete”.

Now let’s try to save an unknown number from the iPhone call history in the contact book. Opposite the number that you want to save, click the blue circle with the arrow.

The “Data” section appears in which we select “New contact” (if an unknown number belongs to an existing phonebook subscriber, then you can select “Add to contact” and, after selecting a subscriber, assign another number to it). Next, fill out the form where we indicate the name, surname and other personal data, here you can select a photo for the contact and, if necessary, an individual melody that will distinguish the caller.

After editing the contact and filling in the fields, click the “Finish” button (upper right corner) and the contact is saved in the phone book. All iPhone contacts are stored in the phone’s memory; they are not written to the SIM card.

Enlarge Iphone 6 Call Log

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