Engineering Settings Huawei Y9 2018

The external speaker of modern phones performs its functions well in a telephone conversation. But given that smartphones are becoming thinner and thinner every time, it is almost impossible to place a high-quality speaker in such a phone case. Therefore, to demand the highest sound from a mobile phone is impractical.

And if you want to use your smartphone as a music player, then you only have to listen through headphones.

Since modern life is full of active events, this leads to the fact that being alone to listen to music in perfect acoustics becomes incredible. Therefore, you have to listen to your favorite music with headphones on the go, and, as a rule, in conditions of loud noises of the “active” metropolis.

In this regard, HUAWEI (honor) smartphones have very good software that can improve the sound in the headphones so that their owners are satisfied with the sound and can customize the sound to their taste.

And how to adjust the sound in smartphones Huawei (Honor)?

You must immediately clarify that everything that will be described below relates to listening to music only through wired headphones. Huawei Histen proprietary sound processing algorithms implement various audio effects, access to which is opened only with headphones connected.

Three types of headphones are available in the audio effect settings:

Therefore, the presented typical sound settings were worked out for each type of headphone.

When developing Huawei Histen sound processing algorithms, the whole variety of settings options was reduced to two main sections:

  • 3D – audio;
  • Equalizer.

1 section. 3D – audio.

Under mode 3D – audio sound settings are selected in order to achieve the effect VOLUME SOUND.

In this mode, for each type of headphone there are only three surround modes:

  • “Close” for classical music;
  • “Frontal” with an increase in stereo base and for watching videos;
  • “Volumetric” to simulate the acoustics of a concert hall.

These effects are recreated with the help of echoes and dips in various areas of the Amplitude-Frequency Characteristics (AFC), seeking to increase the “imaginary” distance between the instruments and expand the stereo panorama.

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Video: Engineering Settings Huawei Y9 2018

2 section. Equalizer.

To realize your individual preferences and fine tune the sound there is a 10-band mode Equalizer. Here you can make the most accurate sound adjustment in order to adjust the sound of different headphones to hide their shortcomings and emphasize the advantages.

In the Equalizer settings, there are 5 ready-made settings for the type of music:

At the same time, for each setting there is the possibility of additional bass boost.

And for especially advanced music lovers there is an individual equalizer mode.

How to set up audio effects on your phone HUAWEI (honor)

1. We enter the Smartphone Settings by clicking on the icon “Settings”.

Engineering Settings Huawei Y9 2018

Next, in the Settings, select the “Sound“.

2. If the wired headphones are not connected to the mobile device, then we will not be able to enter the section “Huawei Histen Audio Effects”. Therefore, we insert the headphone jack into the corresponding jack.

Next we enter the section “Huawei Histen Audio Effects”.

3. Now you need to choose the type of your headphones. To do this, click on the icon “Headphone Type”.

Next, select the type of headphones by clicking on the appropriate view:

4. Further tuning depends on the type of sound perception preference:

  • 3D – audio. if you prefer the effect of surround sound;
  • Equalizer. if you prefer individual sound settings.

If you select the surround mode, press the “3D-audio. ”

Next, moving the slider, select the desired mode: “Close”, “Front” or “Volume”.

5. When you select the individual setting mode, click on the “Equalizer“.

Engineering Settings Huawei Y9 2018

Next, select the type of equalizer settings, for this click on the “Mode”.

Here you can choose one of 5 ready-made equalizer settings or switch to the individual “Settings” mode of the 10-band Equalizer.

Selecting the ready mode (in our case “Pop”), you can further enhance the sound of low frequencies. To do this, move the slider “Bass Boosts”, set the desired bass sound.

To customize the equalizer, click on the icon “Tune”.

Further, individual adjustment is carried out by moving the amplitude slider for each of the 10 frequency ranges.
You can also add bass boost.

By clicking on the icon “three dots” in the upper right corner of the screen, and then to the icon “Save”, You save your individual settings.


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