Emergency Reset Sony Xperia M2

What to do when your iPhone is turned on, but the screen is black.

Even the highest-quality smartphones periodically fail. any user may suddenly encounter a problem such as a black screen on an iPhone. You rebooted your iPhone, connected it to the charger, and your iPhone screen still remains black, do not rush to get upset. Perhaps to restore the device is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To the appearance of a black screen can lead to various failures, which in some cases can be eliminated independently.

In this article, we will explain why your iPhone screen does not turn on, and what you can do to fix it.

Why does the iPhone have a black screen

A black screen on an iPhone can be for a variety of reasons. from hardware failures to problems with firmware.

Characteristic signs of such a breakdown:

during boot, the iPhone’s touch screen turns black;

when you restart the smartphone the problem did not disappear, the screen is still black;

you cannot receive a call, the screen does not respond to pressing;

a black screen on the iPhone appears when you enter the camera application;

bands appeared on a dark screen, but the phone continues to receive calls

The first thing to do if the iPhone has a black screen is to reboot the device. If this does not help, the problem is more serious.

Typical reasons that the iPhone screen does not turn on:

  1. If the phone falls on a hard surface or other mechanical damage that could damage the display, the cable may go away.
  2. Full discharge of the smartphone, which can lead to the fact that "apple" the device ceases to function. vibrate, transmit signals, display an image of an apple, etc.
  3. The presence of errors in a specific application. In this case, the display darkens when you enter this application.
  4. A crash occurred during the update download phase. At the same time, the apple icon is constantly on the screen and nothing else happens.

Screen freezes when software crashes, what should I do?

The black screen is usually caused by the hardware problem of your iPhone, so this is usually not a quick solution. The first thing to try to solve this problem. this apply hard reboot

To perform a hard reset, press and hold both the Power button and the Home button (round button under the display) for at least 10 seconds. Live until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you must perform a hardware reset by pressing and holding the volume down button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

On iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, X, you need to press and quickly release the Volume key, then press and quickly release the Volume- button, hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Emergency Reset Sony Xperia M2

Video: Emergency Reset Sony Xperia M2

If the Apple logo appears on the screen, most likely there are no problems with your iPhone. it was a software crash. Next, read what to do if the Apple logo does not appear on the screen.

Forced iOS Update

Emergency Reset Sony Xperia M2

Firmware upgrade usually takes about 40 minutes. After the procedure, your iPhone and display should work will take some time. It usually takes up to 40 minutes for iOS to download from Apple servers. Usually, an emergency reboot of the device helps to cope with any failure when updating the firmware, but if this did not happen, try entering DFU Mode and reset to factory settings.

When iPhone does not turn on due to a full battery drain

Full battery drain Another reason for the iPhone to display a dark screen is that the battery is completely dead. If you used the gadget in the cold, and after that you found that it has gone out and does not respond to attempts to turn on, stick to the following algorithm:

  • warm the device in your hands
  • connect the device to charging
  • wait 15 minutes

After that, the download should start automatically. If this does not happen, check if charging is working properly. Perhaps it is worth replacing it.

Black screen iPhone with mechanical damage? Let’s take a look inside.

A brief overview of the inside of your iPhone will help you understand why your screen is black. There are two hardware that we’ll talk about: the display of your iPhone and the logic board.

Logic board. these are the brains of your iPhone, and every part of it connects to it. The display shows the images that you see, and it is the logic board that tells you what to display.

The entire display of your iPhone is removable, but it is much more complicated than you think! Under the display there are 4 main components:

LCD screen displaying the images that you see on your iPhone;

digitizer, which is part of the display that processes touch. It digitizes your finger, which means that it turns the touch of a finger into a digital language that your iPhone can understand;

Each component of your iPhone display has a separate connector that connects to the logic board. This is why you can slide your finger across the screen even though the screen is black. The digitizer works, but the LCD does not work.

Basically, the screen of your iPhone has turned black because the cable that connects the LCD to the logic board is disconnected. This cable is called the display data connector. When the display data connector is displaced from the logic board, your screen becomes inoperative.

There are other options for the cause of the iPhone’s black screen, for example, when the LCD itself is already damaged and then it does not matter if the display is connected to the logic board or not. it is broken and need a screen (display) replacement iPhone

Mechanical damage. a reason to contact the service

As we already said, there are two main reasons why your screen goes dark. The first is if the cable that connects the LCD display to the logic board disconnects (moves away) when it falls, the second. the display itself is broken. Only experienced service technicians can determine the exact cause. In the service center "iMobi" will conduct free diagnostics of your device and will tell you exactly what kind of repair you need.

If the problem is in the cable, then this fix is ​​relatively simple: the wizard will open your iPhone and reconnect the digitizer cable to the logic board.

If the LCD is broken, this is another story, but it is doable. Replacing the screen (display) iPhone (Kiev) in the Apple Service Center "iMobi" will be made quickly and inexpensively using original parts.

Repairing your iPhone yourself is a bad idea.

IPhone users should not open the gadget on their own. Just take a look at the two screws next to the charging port of your iPhone. they are star-shaped! This, as they say, is an excellent repair manual.

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