Downloading Windows Xp From A Flash Drive Via BIOS

How to install windows via BIOS? Competent setup and precise actions will help you to perform quickly and efficiently. Downloading the updated version can be done from a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or flash drive.

Basic Input-Output System. (BIOS)

BIOS. the basis of the motherboard, it is an I / O base (hereinafter I / O), located on the “motherboard”. The existence of BIOS guarantees the ability to configure and adjust the computer.
I / O system, for each PC depends on the “motherboard”.

BIOS Settings

You can determine the BIOS settings for a particular matcard by looking at them in the passport of the motherboard.
Important! Incorrect BIOS settings can damage the computer or reduce the power indicator.

Information for management.

How to install windows via BIOS, boot from DVD, USB, HDD depends on several keys of the Boot Menu:

Booting a device from BIOS

It is necessary to get into the BIOS system: reboot the PC and enter “Setup”. the software that is responsible for the initial loading of the computer.

During the reboot, closely monitor the inscriptions on the monitor screen, you must not skip the line that appears at the bottom with the following text:
“Press to enter SETUP.”

The program tells you how to get into the BIOS, you must press the key that is written on the screen, it can be:

F1, F2, F3, F10, Del, Esc. on different computers they differ, depending on the BIOS version.
Press the key until the system redirects to the Basic Input-Output System. A list of tabs will appear on the screen, you need to select the one that says about the boot devices. “Boot devices” or “Advanced BIOS Features”.

If it was not possible to perform the prescribed actions the first time, do not despair, you must repeat all the actions a couple of times.

Select the tab, in order to enter, you need to press the “ENTER” button. After that, in the drop-down list, find the “Boot Sequence” tab and verify that the information that appears on the right of the monitor screen is checked correctly. It should be said that the selected tab is responsible for the priority of loading devices.

After the boot tab is defined, controlling the input keys, you must set the priority so that the list was first “CD-ROM” or that boot device.

With the help of which the whole process will be conducted. To do this, select “First Boot Device” in the list and after that there was a hard drive.

It is necessary to confirm the correct choice and click the “OK” button.

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Thus, all the BIOS settings for loading and reinstalling windows are ready. This was all done so that the next time the PC is restarted, the OS itself redirects the Windows boot from the previously selected drive.

If you are experiencing difficulties or you have a special version of BIOS, then you can call a computer wizard who will do everything for you:

In order to start the download, you must restart the computer.

Download Windows through a USB flash drive.

To install Windows through the Basic Input-Output System from a USB flash drive, the whole procedure is similar to the one described above, but you must select Secure Boot in the list of suggested tabs in the BIOS BIOS or in the OS, in the simple version of “overlaying” versions, select the appropriate menu item.

The process of installing windows from a flash drive does not start and a black screen is shown on the monitor:

Video: Downloading Windows Xp From A Flash Drive Via BIOS

  • UEFI mode enabled;
  • The flash drive is formatted in NTFS;
  • BIOS V / V only supports NTFS partitions, UEFI. FAT 32 partitions.

With the new version of the system, to boot from a USB flash drive, it asks for permission to automatically. It is best to refuse such an offer, otherwise the OS may not be installed on the partition that is needed or delete some of the personal files.

Before setting BIOS settings, you must select using “” or “-” and click on the “Boot” tab.
When choosing settings, you need to save them. To do this, you need to press the key “F10”. “Save and exit.” You can also perform this action by pressing the “->”-” Exit Saving Changes “, i.e. “Exit and save changes.”

After the approved and selected option and device boot priority, you need to select option F10, and then restart the computer.

Tips and tricks.

For novice users needing reinstalling Windows via BIOS experts have developed some tips for a competent and quick flow of the process.

For a well-tuned BIOS system, special attention should be paid to these recommendations:

    1. PC requirements (provided by Windows 7):
      • Memory. at least 1 GB;
      • Processor. at least 1 Hz;
      • Video card. DirectX 9 minimum.
      • Time to work in the BIOS.

      How long does it take to set up and configure the new version of Windows? It all depends on the technical parameters of the PC:

          • Speed ​​“Clock Speed”;
          • The number of cores “Cores”;
          • The frequency of the trunk is “800/1066/1333/1600 MHz”.

          On average, to install windows via BIOS it will take one hour.

          Clean and easy Windows installation processes

          A clean installation is the launch of a disk with the system in manual mode, during computer startup. After that, start, press any button, after the inscription “Press any key” appears on the tap.

          If you are unable to install Windows on your own through BIOS, then use the service of leaving the computer master at home:

          The BIOS indicates the location of the new OS, for example, on CD / DVD or on the hard disk so that the old version is not used at all, or has been deleted. The clean version is used for any OS: Unix, DOS, Windows XP, as well as Linux, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

          Simple is rarely used and is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the new version is launched from a CD / DVD disc already installed by the old OS. So a simple installation is more like an overlay process, since the new version is superimposed on the old version.

          The difference in installation processes

          Easy installation of Windows:

          • Computer startup;
          • BIOS
          • Operating system;
          • BIOS
          • Installation
          • Computer startup;
          • BIOS
          • Installation
          • Clean installation.

          Partitions of the hard drive of the operating system.

          Often during a clean installation, all partitions are formatted and old versions and files are deleted. If you need to reinstall a system with several shared disks where important files are stored, you can leave the information unchanged.

          It is not necessary to format drive D, however, drive C with files of the old version of windows will be formatted.

          Analysis of the hard drive during installation.

          Before starting the installation of Windows (with an idle OS, crashes and glitches), you need to try to use the last chance of recovery and cleaning from malware.

          If there are obvious problems with the PC, it is necessary, first of all, to check the status of the hard disk, analyze the operation of the segments, otherwise even during the installation of the system, the formatting process may freeze or work unstably.

          Saving personal information.

          Personal data and information is a very important component that can not always be restored if deleted or damaged, so before you reinstall anything, you need to take care of their safety.

          To save information and personal data when reinstalling windows, you need to copy and transfer all the necessary files to portable media (disk, flash drive, etc.). It is also very important to save passwords, for this it is recommended to use the Backup program or do it the old-fashioned way, manually.

          By following exactly the rules and advice you can understand how to install windows via BIOS to a computer, even to a person without special skills and experience, in such situations.

          The main requirement for proper installation is the accuracy of the walkthrough proposed in the article above. Detailed photographs that accompany the installation steps will help you navigate the BIOS BIOS system.

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