Door For A Cat – We Make An Opening In The Interior And Front Door With Our Own Hands

The owners of private houses are familiar with the situation when, early in the morning, the cat or dog is asked to go to the toilet, and the owner, instead of getting out of bed, letting the pet out, ignores it. As a result, a puddle, wet floors and other unpleasant surprises await on the threshold. To solve this problem simply by installing the door for the cat. Together with you we will sort out what the doors are, where they are installed and how to make them with your own hands.

All types of doorways are divided into two large groups – for interior and exterior doors. In turn, they are divided into three types. The first one is the manhole for the cat in the door. This is one of the simplest types of opening. It is a pass-through passage without flaps, designed to fit your pet. To Laz did not spoil the look of the door, it is decorated with decorative, carved elements. Most often, the opening is represented by a rounded shape, repeating the contour of the cat’s body. The manhole is covered with a fabric curtain or framed on the outer edge with fuzzy bristles that comb the animal’s hair as it passes through the opening. Such a door for cats is installed in the interior door. Not suitable for the front door leading to the street, as it does not have tightness, lets in cold, odors, noise. The passage (manhole) is the best option for an apartment, which ensures that the pet has free access to the cat’s toilet, even if the door is closed.

Door For A Cat - We Make An Opening In The Interior And Front Door With Our Own Hands

Laz for cats can be decorated with decorative elements so that it does not spoil the appearance of the door

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The second in complexity of installation is a window in the door. A distinctive feature of the previous version is the installation of the pendulum (swinging) valves, which cover the passage, leans back / forward. Despite the presence of overlap, the window is also unpressurized, permits cold, odors and noise, which is created during the passage of the pet. Installing a window in the entrance door is not the best option, as other pets can sneak into the house with your cat. Laz and the window owners are mounted in the interior doors.

To install the manhole in the door leading to the street, choose the door for cats. This design is sealed, does not let third-party odors, noise, cold. Prevents the entry of roaming animals, thanks to the magnetic lock built into the door and the key on the pet’s collar. When your cat approaches the electronic doors, the sensor is triggered, the door opens and releases it outside, and automatically exits after exit. The only drawback is that the magnetic door for the cat may malfunction, the sensor blocks the exit, leaving the cat "hostage" on the street (inside the house) or vice versa gives free access to all pets from the street.

First of all, we measure the dimensions of your cat. Based on the measurements, we select the appropriate width of the doorway. Remove the door with hinges. Determined with the height of the mounting door. The best indicator is 15 cm from the floor level. For a smooth line, mark two points and draw a horizontal line.

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The location of the door is selected individually. Most owners mount the passage in the center. To get smooth edges, make a paper blank with the width and length of the future opening, attach it to the marked center and circle around with a pencil. Another variant. make a large workpiece, draw the shape of the opening inside and fix it on the door with masking tape.

We put on goggles and drill 4 holes in the corners of the marked opening in the door with a drill, draw a contour. Install a jigsaw on a tree in one of the holes, move strictly along the lines, cut out the door opening, remove the remnants manually. Grind the edges of the opening with an emery paper, creating a smooth surface without rough edges, remove the remaining dust with a vacuum cleaner.

If you want to make a hinged door with your own hands, and not to install a ready-made factory version, use the cut part of the opening. Make a frame of four wooden bars the size of the width of the doorway, insert a sawn square (rectangle) inside, fix the structure with the help of suspensions and self-tapping screws.

Door For A Cat - We Make An Opening In The Interior And Front Door With Our Own Hands

The edges of the opening must be sanded with sandpaper.

Try on the door and drill through the corners of the outer part of the opening four holes for fastening, using screws on the wood fasten the workpiece. If desired, decorate it, repainting in a contrasting color. An interroom door for miniature dogs and a cat is ready. Teach your pet to a new pass.

To provide reliable protection and increase thermal insulation, the owners of private houses increasingly began to install metal entrance doors. Stiffeners and locking mechanism do not allow to install a cat door in them. Therefore, if there is a pet in your house, you should take care in advance of purchasing a metal door with an already built-in door or purchase such a door, where the passage can be made independently. For entrance doors we recommend to purchase a ready-made factory version with an electromagnetic system. Tightness, the absence of odors in the apartment and noise – its main advantages. The reading device provides penetration into the pet’s house with the sensor installed on the collar.

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The electronic door system is equipped with 2 or 4 modes. Standard – open / closed, and additional – closed on entry or exit. Also, these doors are equipped with a sensor for the direction of movement. Installed LED on the door will show whether the pet is inside the house or on the street, illuminating the corresponding color. The sensor does not work on the number of times of entry and exit, but specifically on the movement. Thanks to this system, you will always know where your cat (dog) is.

Installation of doors with an electromagnetic system begins with marking the tunnel and cutting out the opening under the desired dimensions. Further collection of construction is carried out according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. The width of the tunnel can be adjusted by removing and adding parts, which allows you to install the structure on a door of any thickness. Depending on the configuration of the door assembly bolted or screwed to the front door with screws.

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