Dog Towels

Types of towels for dogs

Common and most economical options are ordinary towels rectangular or square shape, various sizes and colors.

Less common types are unusual, but convenient form. with pockets for hands at the ends. The shape resembles a dog bone, available in several colors. Convenience of use lies in the fact that when two pockets get wet, you can put your hands in the remaining two pockets simply by opening the towel.

Towel Cloths or a cape is popular, t. K. They can not only wipe the dog after swimming, but also leave it on the animal for a while. The cape protects the pet from overcooling, especially if it is cool enough in the room, and when shaking the dog it will prevent splashing of water. Variety are hats. There are several options for blankets. In Russia, the spread has received the blanket, which is fastened on the chest.

Dog Towels

A similar cape has pockets on the inside, in which are placed the paws of the animal, and a high neck. Such towels for dogs are convenient for zoosalonov, for example, if after the procedure you need to quickly dry the dog, but you should not allow it to move while it waits for its turn.

More convenient option is extended blanket or a cape that the animal cannot take off. This cape has several pockets for hands for comfortable wiping the dog. The animal can move in a cape, it does not constrain movements, but at the same time promotes fast drying of wool and preservation of heat. You can wear such a towel on a dog if you plan to transport it by car and do not want the wet animal to stain the cabin.

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Towel bag can be quite useful when transporting a dirty or wet dog in a car. The principle of use is that the animal is placed inside the bag and zipper on the back. Besides the fact that the pet does not stain the cabin, it will be warm and dry, because the towel will absorb excess moisture.

The variety of towels for dogs is large and is not limited to classic terry types. Exist disposable wet towels, made of viscose and impregnated with a special antibacterial composition. They are designed to remove dirt, for example from paws, after a walk. They remove not only dirt, but also eliminate the unpleasant smell without using water, shampoo. The composition of wet towels include chamomile, tea tree, lavender extract, as well as other components that are safe for the animal, do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergies.

At the zoo market there are also disposable dry towels from nonwoven fabric. spunlace that absorb moisture well. They are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for animals.

What do towels for dogs do

Basically terry towels are made of microfiber. This material has a good absorbency. Allows you to quickly remove moisture from wool. In addition, the material is practical, microfiber products are easy to wash and have a long service life. Towels for dogs are made of cotton, but they absorb moisture less and therefore give them less preference. Happen the different sizes, can differ in length of pile, on color.

Manufacturers and cost

Popular manufacturers of terry towels are Leather and Technology (Russia), Trixie (Germany), high-quality wet towels are made by the Russian company Sobakevich, and dry ones by Teddy Pets.

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The cost of towels for dogs varies greatly, depending on the material, type, size. Multi-item kits are more expensive. Prices range from 150 to 1000 rubles.

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