Dog Frisbee For Beginners

When moving from one exercise to another, one should not rush, for until the skill is completed. there will not be the correct and necessary sequence in training, and therefore, there will not be the necessary result.
Dogs of different breeds and different ages learn differently, at different speeds. Therefore, the time for studying the current exercise is individual and can change many times. From a few days. up to several months. The maximum age of the dog starting to learn. is not limited.

In case of violation or failure in training, the current exercise at this stage should not be shy to go back along with your dog to the previous exercise and having analyzed it in detail. find the cause of the error. Scoring on an error, we fix it and create a high probability of its repetition in the future.

Addiction and socialization
It is necessary for the initial acquaintance with the toy and the development of trust in it.
Feed the dog from the disk. Put the pieces inside and feed them to the dog: sm4 :. Feed your fill is not necessary, because at the moment goal. develop positive emotions in the dog at the sight of the disc.

Do not forget to water the dog. In the same way. The disc can and should be used as a bowl and at home.
Puppy minimum age at this stage. A couple of months.

Dog Frisbee For Beginners

Learning to play a toy

Instinctively, even a puppy understands that prey. this is prey: sm4: and quickly realizes what to do with it =)))))) As a rule, it is enough to tease a dog with a disc and the dog itself logically ends this stage. getting the opportunity to bite the disc. You must immediately praise and encourage the dog as soon as she grabs the prey. In this exercise, the prey is only in the hands of the person (with some frequency it is desirable to give it to the dog) and. While mining should not move actively. For this initial training, soft disks are usually used, which do not hinder the development of the desire to grab them when making light strokes, as yet poorly coordinated puppies.

In some cases it is necessary for the dog to explain that the target needs to be grabbed by the teeth and a clicker can help. At the beginning, we reinforce any movement in the direction of the disk, then only stop and touch the disk. Next, you need to fix the grip of the disc with the mouth of the dog and it is desirable to hold it in this position. It is possible and necessary at this moment of training to go back a step and periodically feed the dog with its new toy. It is advisable to enter the command to capture the disc immediately, starting with the first attempt at catching. The minimum puppy age is 2-3 months.

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Here it is immediately necessary to understand that the disk ALWAYS runs away from the dog aside. The whole exercise should be based on this, for the next time the dog should already KNOW how to catch a moving target, and not sit and wait until she herself comes to her, that is, ON DOG throws, when training, it is absolutely impossible to make, always. From it, if the dog calculated where to move (roll) the disc and take a position. Right in front of you, turn around and direct (roll) the disc in the other direction, FROM HER. Jumping at this stage is not necessary to make, especially puppies, so we try to keep and move the arm with the disc at a sufficiently small height.

Here, too, nothing complicated. Usually, if the dog already grabs the fixed disc from the hands, then it will be easy for her to repeat this, taking several steps after the outgoing prey. As if this training did not take place, it is always necessary to remember that at this moment waiting for the dog cannot be deceived. Once it works, moving for a toy, then the prize itself. This toy must always wait for it to complete a short period of time. After a while of successful catching, it is time to select and encourage catching the disc with the mouth, and not knocking it down with your chest and paws.
. We begin to move the arm with the disc away from the dog. For example, we rotate in a circle with a disc in hand. the dog runs in a circle and tries to grab the disc by the edge. For each one I catch, and in the next for each CORRECT I catch a disc by the edge, I must praise my dog ​​intensively and I encourage him to encourage: sm4 :. Over time, your speed and speed of catching a dog should increase. The minimum puppy age at this stage is 3 months.

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Dog Frisbee For Beginners

We assume that at this point, the initial training to the disk is complete.

Here, you must first master one of the simplest shots. Roll As soon as your roll turns out, it’s time to move on to training your dog. The cast itself is similar to the backhand difference. the disk rolls on the ground, rather than flying. It is necessary to train the dog to catch prey in fairly simple conditions, spending a minimum of effort. As a result, the dog must catch the disc in motion and for the edge.

Sometimes the disc lies on the ground, on a flat surface, the dog wants to raise it, it is not very easy for her and she is not yet confident in her actions, here you can see a lot of options for this implementation, for example, trying to grab the mouth of the disk for its center, or the banal scraping with paws on its surface. Treat this. As a test and do not help the dog, if she has learned to ALWAYS grab the disc by the edge. She will eventually do it herself, which will allow to lift the disc from the ground. If the interest in the process of large efforts slowly disappears. You can move the disk a little with your foot (hand) and repeat the command to capture.

Dog Frisbee For Beginners

Dog Frisbee For Beginners

Bypass rolls

During the throw the disc flies faster than the dog. If the dog starts at the same time. Almost always it does not have time to drive, the farther the throw, the stronger you make it, which means the higher the speed of flight.
To equalize the chances in the game, it is necessary to give odds to the dog, i.e. Send forward in advance for the necessary distance for catching.
. Lots of different ways, the most popular. Bypassing you on the team.

We teach the dog to go around both clockwise and against and run forward in a straight line, i.e. Send out For example, teasing a dog with a disk, while directing the dog in the direction we need to go around: hold the disk in one hand, gradually moving it behind the back to the other side, intercepting the disk with the other hand. A dog following the disc moves from one side to the other, i.e. Bypasses you. Then the disc rolls close (roll) or is given in motion from the hands, to catch the dog. Similarly performed in the other direction. It is advisable to enter a command to bypass, for example "Go around". This can be one team or two different ones.
For each round with the correct catch (the disc is not knocked out by the breast or by the paws) the dog is actively encouraged.
It is necessary to achieve an automatic crawling of you on the team and a full understanding of the dog, that right after that (also according to this a little in advance, the team will catch) you need to run forward after the disc, which always, without fail, will roll or be in your hand.

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On this base of the crawl in the future, you can build a lot of tricks for freestyle))

. Logically we finish simple training.

Go to the throws.

If all the previous stages of the dog and you have successfully passed. Only then it is time to start tossing the disc.
In the beginning, we learn to roll without a dog on the spot, i.e. The disc should fly vertically up and down horizontally. (better in your hand).
At the command of a detour. A dog makes a circle around you in the necessary direction. And at the command, he tries to catch a disk in front of her, already thrown up and for some time. You do not need to wait for the dog, the goal is reverse. To disperse it and speed it up, but at the same time it must still have time to catch it.
With a stable and successful catch of such throws, you can gradually increase the throw distance. In front. Here only successful fishing is important, and only in this case the throw distance should be increased.
You can offer a variant of this exercise, squatting or on your knees, so at first it is easier for you. To throw a disk and a dog precisely and not to throw it high.

All throws when training a dog are always only from her. You can throw a disc on a dog, provided it has an excellent understanding of the task, in special Frisbee freestyle tricks.

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