Dog Bones

Dog Bones

We all know that bones for dogs. this "favorite treat", but do they bring as much benefit to the pet as the pleasure he receives from them? Many believe that the bones for dogs do not bring any harm to the pet, but serve as a good sharpener for the teeth. In this case, it is necessary to look after your dog exactly how it treats the bone. just nibbles or swallows. Let’s take a look at the University of Kansas College of Veterinary Medicine and draw attention to the conclusions of Dr. William Fortney and other members of this college that all owners of their four-legged friends should independently determine how their dog treats bones: he just likes to chew bones, or loves to swallow them, and this should make the main conclusion: to give bones for dogs or not.

Can I give a dog bone?

A lot of people are worried about the question, are bones useful for dogs and can bones be given to dogs? The answer is simple and obvious. categorical no. Everyone knows that bones are a favorite treat for dogs, both small and large, but not everyone knows how much damage they can bring to your pet. In addition, if a dog eats a bone, swallowing it, you also need to know how useful the bone is for the dog and what consequences can be encountered.

Why dogs can not bones (chicken, pig, beef)

    Eating a raw bone dog can cause infection with gastrointestinal infections, as well as parasites. worms, they can also cause harm of a different nature. various injuries caused by fragments of raw bones and can cause bleeding.
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May cause intestinal obstruction, due to the accumulation of large fragments of bone in it;

Such a delicacy is not a balm for the soul. bones can cause constipation in a dog, due to the accumulation of small bone fragments in the intestines;

The use of bones in most cases become a reason for going to the vet. the bone may get stuck in the esophagus;

They can cause operable intervention, if the bone is stuck in the stomach and due to its large size it cannot pass into the intestine, this can happen as a result of the dog’s ingestion of the bone.

  • And the most terrible, they can cause a fatal outcome. peritonitis. occurs when bone fragments pierce holes in the stomach or intestines, resulting in bacterial infection of the abdominal cavity.
  • What else are bones for dogs?

    As you know in the bone is the bone marrow, which in its composition consists of fat and blood, where the amount of fat exceeds the daily dose of the norm for a dog, which is not useful.

    Cartilage. half consists of mucopolysaccharides and the second half is from collagen.

    You can make one main conclusion about the bones for dogs, in fact, they do not contain all those vitamins and minerals necessary for the functioning of the dog, and 2/3 of them consist of inorganic substances and collagen, which do not bring benefits.

    What bones can be given to dogs

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