Dog Beds

In any house in which the dog lives, there should be a place designed for the pet to have a rest, especially as a small puppy and an adult dog need their own place to sleep, and sofas with chairs should not be its replacement.

Types of sun beds


Products of this category on the zoo market are presented as large, for large individuals, and small sizes for decorative breeds. The compact dimensions of a pet’s place have a great advantage, which is expressed in the fact that it is easy to transport them in case of going to the cottage or nature, as well as when the owners of the dog move somewhere.


They differ in form as follows: for representatives of medium-sized and small breeds, the owners choose round-shaped beds, while representatives of large breeds are acquired rectangular and oval-shaped.

Rugs and bedding will suit pets who live in a warm house, where there are no drafts, and who like to sleep, stretched to their full height. These loungers do not require much care, but they still need shaking of dust and periodic washing.

Soft, as a rule, are made with a back and sides, small on height. Such litters will protect the pet from drafts, dogs can sleep on them gently and warmly, and they can, if they wish, put their faces on the edge. Soft are produced in the form of sofas raised above the ground. Many soft products have a cooling and heating system, they are treated with anti-parasitic agents.

Dog houses are also soft beds, but they have a closed or semi-closed shape. "Houses" can be in the form of mink, and in the form of a cradle and even a kennel. "Booths" are bought by owners for such breeds as dwarf spitz, chihuah, york and toy terriers who like to watch the world from safe shelter. Some pet houses have thermal insulation due to insulated walls.

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Dog Beds

The options made in the form of a transformer litter are interesting, and in one case can take the form of a sunbed with sides, and in the other – a comfortable chair.

Wicker beds are closed and open type. Open wicker resting places will be loved by sociable animals, and for pets who prefer solitude, of course, closed forms are suitable. The main and indisputable advantage is the fact that they are made only from natural materials and do not cause rejection in pets.

There are several litter types for pets:

  • Pillows;
  • Cots;
  • Orthopedic;
  • Waterproof.

Particular attention should be paid to orthopedic devices, which have no restrictions on the size of the dog. These have an ergonomic, slightly concave shape, and the animal assumes the correct position during sleep on such a litter.

What do they do

Most products are made with a durable and reliable base, which is covered with different materials, such as fur, fleece and suede, and these materials are preferred by representatives of medium and small, decorative rocks. The fleecy fabric is pleasing to the owners of short wool, but plush, faux fur and velvet collect fading wool and dust.

Nylon and plastic loungers are very popular among owners, as they do not cause trouble in caring for them and are excellent for long-haired breeds.

Dog Beds

From the point of view of sanitation and durability, plastic loungers have proven to be the best. To the animal was soft on such a place, it is combined with a litter of material suitable for a comfortable rest.

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Natural fabrics, for example, flax, chintz and cotton are rarely used by manufacturers, although these materials are pleasant to animals, although they do not have durability and look unpresentable.

Sinteponovye and foam rubber bedding quickly minimized, even if they use a small dog.

Tree-made recreation areas for animals do not have any harmful impurities or fumes. The wooden mat must not be made of chipboard, but of properly treated, unpainted and uncoated wood. Especially large breeds welcome such sleeping places in every possible way, because you can sharpen your fangs about them, but for the owner this is, albeit a beautiful, but expensive and such short-lived pleasure.

How to choose a lounger

The main thing in choosing a comfortable litter for your dog is the right size. You must first measure the “length” of the pet, that is, the size from its nose tip to the base of the tail, and then add another twenty centimeters to the dimensions obtained. To determine the width of a lounger suitable for a dog, measure the height from the croup to the tips of the pet sleeping on the side of the pet, and multiply the result by two.

Otherwise, the choice depends on personal preferences and the amount of money available.

Dog Beds

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