Dog Barking

There are quite incomprehensible situations in which it is difficult to say right away why the dog barks and that in this case it wants to convey to the owner, because it has long been known that in this case there is a definite reason and it needs to be understood.

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What to do if the dog does not bark and does not bark at others or strangers

It happens that an adult dog at the sight of strangers wags its tail and does not bark, and the owner needs a caretaker. In such cases, it is better to contact a dog handler. He will teach the dog the right attitude to strangers.

You can try to rectify the situation yourself, but here you need a lot of experience in communicating with animals and patience. Before teaching to execute the command “Alien”, it is necessary to learn the simple commands “Sit”, “Lie”. Guests entering the house should stop playing with the dog and caress. When training will have to imitate an attack on the owner, then the dog must respond, but you need to remember about safety during the experiment.

Why the dog barks and rushes at the dogs, passers-by, the owner, the mirror what to do

If the dog began to rush to the owners, then this indicates wrong behavior with the pet. The dog began to feel the main in the family and shows aggression. The owners must change their behavior, subordinate the dog, but not by tough measures, but by proper training, you can contact the experts.

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It is unpleasant when a pet rushes at peaceful passers-by, but wean it from this manner. During the walk, if the dog rushes at the person, then you must dramatically pull the leash towards yourself and say “Fu” command, if the situation repeats, then perform the same actions.

Pet aggression against other dogs can also be removed, but training is needed here. The dog must be taught the rules of proper behavior on a walk, teach the commands "Fu", "Near", "To me".

If the dog barks and growls at the mirror, then perhaps it feels the presence of otherworldly forces. To avoid this, it is better to change the mirror.

What to do if the neighbors constantly dog ​​barks, where to complain, in the apartment the law

If the neighbors dog barks all night and does not allow to sleep, then the first thing to do is to talk with them and solve the problem peacefully. A friendly conversation with neighbors is the best way to resolve a situation.

If the neighbors do not compromise, then it is necessary to take more serious measures and contact law enforcement agencies or a special service that deals with such matters. Written statement and justification of the reasons for the complaint will help to quickly solve the problem, as a last resort, you can sue the neighbors.

The dog barks for no reason, stop at night what to do

Night and day barking of a dog without a reason is due to fear, boredom or aggression towards the world around. To wean the dog from this bad habit, you must use the command "Fu" and a light slap on the "back seat". You may have to do this trick several times until the dog is accustomed.

Dog Barking

The dog barks and growls for the cat in the yard runs, if the cat is on the fence how to wean

So that the dog does not bark and does not chase the cats, it must get used to the fact that there is a cat next to it. THOSE. The dog must be introduced to the cat. If the dog jumps on the cat, then the Fu command and the leash jerk will help. If the team fails to execute, you can sprinkle the dog in the face with water and say "no".

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The dog barks when left alone at home what to do

If a dog barks when the owners leave, then it must be properly educated. It is necessary to imitate leaving the house as soon as the dog starts barking, open the door and say “Fu” with a slight slap.

Dog Barking

And so several times, you need to show rigor and consistency, the only way to wean from negative behavior.

Experts advise a special whistle, the sound of which is unpleasant to dogs and they stop barking.

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