Doesn’t Work 3g On Iphone 3gs 8gb

apple iphone 3gs, despite its age, is still pleasing to the eye and ear. The smartphone sounds great, the sound level is like on small audio systems. There is a decent phone here, I survived after falling from a height of one and a half meters on the stones. Well, of course, the scratch remained, but too noticeable. An excellent screen on this iPhone, everything is bright and pleasing to the eye, despite the small size. Durability is good. for 4 years by phone.

Mania for iPhones caught up with me. So I wanted to buy my first model of Apple iPhone 3GS 8Gb. What are my impressions of him? In addition to the assembly, I liked absolutely nothing. The phone is impractical especially in our time. You can not put a memory card, it is impossible to adequately download music, not install it on a call. I do not understand why such poor performance is estimated at such a high cost, due to which I also do not understand. The camera is weak, the battery is nothing to talk about.

Very satisfied! Previously, there was Nokia and Samsung and Fly and Siemens but this one is BEST. It fully justifies its price!

Doesn't Work 3g On Iphone 3gs 8gb

I have been using this device for more than a year, I’m satisfied with my head! The big minus is aityuns, inconvenient synchronization, and so the phone is simply a miracle!

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Very convenient control (sensitive sensor), beautiful design. a bit heavy, but it’s convenient to browse the Internet, play games, listen to music!

The phone is very good, the quality is reasonable. Large screen and icons that are easily moved. Even after a couple of years, the touch display works the same as in the early days, which is very pleasing, the quick response of the screen and other functions. A good camera, and given the number of colors, the photo comes out much better than in other phones. It is worth paying attention to the amount of memory, which at the time of the release of this model was high and despite the past tense, and now can compete with other modern phones. I can’t leave without attention and communication, she. just amazing. I have an old-style reinforced concrete house and some phones with my operator can’t even catch the network, but the iPhone copes with this quite well. Regarding communication on the Internet, I can say that I would rather satisfactorily expect more. There is no memory card, but it is not needed, because there is 8 gigabytes of built-in memory; when the memory is full, the phone works stably: without freezes and glitches. Although now there is already a fourth generation of iPhones and they are better than the third, they are almost similar in price. Many people say that it is better to take the Chinese model. I don’t advise, she will work for about a year and then you will fool around with her the difference between the original and the fake is very big, this can be seen even in the first minute when you hold the phone.

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The most beautiful phone that I ever held in my hands, this is really a thing. a lot of programs are written on it, GPS works fine without interruptions, and of course, faster than 3G

Doesn't Work 3g On Iphone 3gs 8gb

in general, of course, the opinion about this phone remains positive, a lot of various functions, good quality, sound. Although in my opinion the camera could have been made better for this price, I mean the quality of the photos. Of course, the price is a little too big, the brand fee, but it’s worth it. Of course, wishes for this phone would be to add a memory slot, well, it would be nice to make a flash. As for Internet access, I don’t see any problems with this, various accesses ranging from GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HTML, POP / SMTP client plus Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi interfaces. Caught the Internet in the park, on the street. no problem. Using this phone is quick and easy. I ordered a lot of programs, starting from skype, icq, MSN and others. In general, I love big phones, it’s convenient to hold in your hand, everything is clear on the screen, clearly, and you do not need to adjust your vision every time to see what letter it is, whether it is a dot or a comma. In general, I advise lovers of large, comfortable, high-quality mobile phones. buy this model, I think you will be satisfied. Well, the fact that the price is a bit too big. I think it’s worth it. pay a lot once, but then do not suffer from resales, firmware, etc. Oh yes. another plus, great "a joint" work with a computer. there are no problems, takes off and downloads information quickly! ))))

The phone is just supper, I’m happy. Combines a phone, a PDA. It is very easy to use. This phone is the best of its series. The amount of internal memory of the iPhone 3G S is 8 GB., This is enough to download videos, music, photos, games and much more. New 3.0 megapixel camera with autofocus. Allows you to adjust the focus anywhere in your photo with the touch of a finger on the screen. The photo is certainly not like on a professional camera, but it is of high quality. I am quite happy with my choice and I advise you.

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