Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

General tips

  • Denim, nylon, cotton and linen, flock, plush, fleece and velor, faux fur or satin. As a filler – a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, batting, a woolen cloth, a hollofayber, down. Almost any material is suitable for a bed. But keep in mind that the pet will dig, bite and stretch the fabric – a strong, durable material will last longer;
  • Use durable threads and durable fittings. If the dog has a habit of nibbling sticking / hanging things, do not decorate the lounger with beads, bows, ruffles, etc .;
  • For the convenience of cleaning the lounger, sew a pillow in a case. The bottom does not need to be done too soft and voluminous – there are enough soft sides and pillows so that the pet rests royally;
  • Before you make a lounger for the dog, measure the pet again and think about where his bed will be. This will help determine the size of the bed and the shape of the bed;
  • Consider the nature and degree of hairiness of the dog. Heat-loving sissy – high side and thick mattress. Curious activists – low sides, so as not to limit the review. A favorite in a rich coat will be hot in a fur lounger.

Patterns and process description

There is nothing difficult to sew a lounger of several parts. For example, from a rectangular bottom and four lanes for the sides, we get such a standard version, which is plainly convenient and suitable for dogs of any size:

Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

Option 1, classic

But you can reduce the most laborious and hard part of the work – stitching the details together. It will be necessary to devote a little more time to cutting, but it is easier and easier to cut out than to cut and sew. The figure below shows how to sew a plank bed (rectangular or square with sides) using just one detail:

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Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

  • Cut out two rectangles from a single sheet. To find out the dimensions, add the height of the sides to the desired dimensions of the berth (on 4 sides);
  • Corners cut off as in the figure. Or leave, if the density of the filler will allow to make a fold;
  • We sew parts along the bottom perimeter, from three sides. We put the filler in the resulting "pocket", sew the last side of the bottom;
  • We stuff the sides, we sew. We get a bellied ledge rectangle;
  • At the corners we insert zippers with clips or laces. The clasp tightens the edges and raises the sides vertically – the lounger is ready! When it is hot, a cozy lounger can be turned into a mattress by lowering the sides.

Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

If you firmly sew the joints in those places where, according to the idea of ​​lightning, you get a regular rectangular bed with sides of one piece. If you do not cut the corners and do not raise the sides, you get a comfortable sunbed mattress:

Option 2, removable with elastic

The next pattern for a dog lounger seems more complicated, but in reality everything is very simple. It turns out the option with a pallet, in which quality you can use a wooden or plastic box. And even a tight box is suitable for small dogs. You can paste over it with adhesive tape in several layers – the cardboard will last longer. It turns out like this, but a rectangular shape:

Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

Wide sides with elastic will hide the box or box completely, so it is not necessary to look for something visually decent. Before you make a lounger, make sure that the selected box for the dog is not cramped – soft bumpers will reduce the space. Now measure the box – the length / width of the bottom (inside) and the height of the boards. The outer sides of the lounger should be a little longer, because Build on the gum eats a couple of centimeters. We transfer the pattern to the fabric, you will need two parts.

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Do Your Own Hands Lounger For Dogs Photos And Patterns

  • Sew the bottom from three sides, lay the filler, sew;
  • We stuff the padding polyester (or whatever you like) the inner walls of the sunbed, sew. Now the outer walls, and also sew. The longitudinal seam between the inner and outer walls will allow you to bend the cover, not crumpling the filler and fabric.
  • We sew the joints of the sides to make a cover. We put it on the box, insert the gum and drag it down so that the edges of the beds are tight to the sides of the box, but the cover can be removed if desired, without breaking the gum.

Option 3, sleep in the clouds

Oval or round beds are even easier to assemble. Again two details – two identical circles / ovals. Size details: bed area the height of the boards.

  • Lay the bottom of the filler and tightly sew the two parts together in the inner circle;
  • We fill the side and sew, blowing gum or lace along the edge of the outer circle. If you divide the board into “pockets” (flush with cross-seams at an equal distance), the bed bench will be larger and softer;
  • Tighten the gum, raising the side. Done!

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