Do Not Rock Iphone Xs Max Applications

Do Not Rock Iphone Xs Max Applications

It is necessary to solve the problem with slowly loading applications from the App Store, initially trying to fix the situation in the simplest ways. If it doesn’t help, you’ll have to switch to heavy artillery. And about simple methods and complex ones, we will tell below.

Make sure that no technical work is underway in the App Store

Reboot device

Sometimes applications from the App Store download slowly due to a software malfunction directly on the device. Such cases are quite rare, however, it is necessary to check a possible cause, especially since it is extremely simple to do.

A banal forced reboot, which can be performed by simultaneously holding the Home and Power buttons for 10-15 seconds, can fix possible software failures on your device. After your device turns on, you can check the download speed from the App Store, it is likely that it will again become rapid.

Try to download another application.

Quite often, the problem is in the specific application that you are trying to download. Make sure the problem is not in it by starting to download any other free app from the App Store. If the download speed is at the usual speed for your Internet, you can be a little happy. the problem is not on your side.

In addition, downloading another application may “push through” the originally downloaded application. Such cases were quite common.

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Log out and re-log into the App Store

The problem may be with your Apple ID account. Try to log out and re-enter the App Store, and then try to download the desired application again.

Do Not Rock Iphone Xs Max Applications

Video: Do Not Rock Iphone Xs Max Applications

You can exit the App Store in the application of the same name. Go to the “Collection” tab, click on the button with your Apple ID and select “Sign out”.

Check your internet speed

If all of the above methods did not help, it is likely that the problem is on your Internet. Make sure that the speed of your connection is not reduced by passing testing on one of the specialized sites, such as or

If the test result shows that your Internet is working at a slow speed, the question of why the application can hardly be downloaded from the App Store will disappear by itself.

Reboot the router

In the event that you are trying to download the application from the App Store using your home Wi-Fi, one of the most effective ways to normalize the download speed is to reboot the router. For an effective reboot of most models of routers, you just need to disconnect it from the network for 60 seconds, and then turn it on.

Try downloading the application from another network.

If you are trying to download the application from the App Store via Wi-Fi from outside your home, then another sure way is to use a different connection. This connection may be another Wi-Fi network, or your mobile Internet. In the second case, of course, you should make sure that the application or game from the App Store does not weigh hundreds of megabytes or more, otherwise you run the risk of spending all your mobile traffic at a time.

Disable VPN, firewall and antivirus

In some fairly rare cases, the problem may be with the included antivirus, firewall or VPN. Antivirus, for example, can simply block all of your connections to the App Store, for an unspecified reason, considering it unsafe.

Try disabling all security tools and try downloading the required application from the App Store again.

Nothing helped? Another effective way to solve the problem of slow loading applications from the App Store is to perform a full reset. Of course, this method is not suitable for all users, since a full reset from the iPhone and iPad removes everything clean. You can learn how to perform a full reset in this manual.

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