Do Not Cover The Top Of Huawei Screen

From time to time, users of Huawei Honor are faced with a message on the display “do not close the top of the screen.” The reasons may be different, as well as methods for solving them. The most popular methods of 2019 will be discussed in the article below.

Do Not Cover The Top Of Huawei Screen

What is “screen lock, do not close the top of the screen”?

On most modern smartphones, proximity sensors are installed. this function allows you to block the screen from unauthorized clicking while talking on the phone or in your pocket. As soon as the conversation is completed and the phone changes position, the display unlocks.

It would seem a very useful feature, but for some users this inscription may appear during the normal operation of the gadget. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • motion sensor failed;
  • the hole where the sensor is located near the speaker is dirty;
  • the sensor is blocked by a cover or by hand during use.

All these reasons can be resolved using the phone menu or contacting a service center.

Why you can’t close the top of the screen

The inscription “do not close the top of the screen” on Huawei gadgets may appear while watching a video or when communicating in the messenger. In this case, the screen is locked. In order to avoid such situations and not interrupt a pleasant viewing, you must make sure that the sensor near the speaker at the top of the phone does not overlap.

If this does not happen, the phone systems do not see reasons for an emergency screen lock and accordingly does not cause the user any inconvenience.

Although most phone owners are convinced that their actions can not lead to a notification, the more so that they can overlap only the lower area, and this is evidence of a malfunction of the device. Service centers rarely confirm a clogged or defective sensor.

How to disable "Do not close the top of the screen" Honor Huawei

The manufacturer took care of those who want to disable “do not close the top of the screen” on Huawei. In fact, it turns off the screen lock during a call. Therefore, those who still decided on this step are recommended to communicate through the headset or block the display in manual mode when making calls.

A step-by-step instruction for disabling a problematic inscription is as follows:

  • select the “Settings” menu;
  • in the list you need to find and open “Management”;
  • further click “”;
  • in the “Screen lock” item, put the button in inactive mode, that is, turn it off.

The issue is resolved quickly enough, and if necessary, it is possible to restore the functionality of the function. It is not difficult to remove the inscription, while the phone will continue to work in full.

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