Do-It-Yourself Dog Bowl Stand

Do-It-Yourself Dog Bowl Stand

What is a bowl for? Of course, to feed your pet. Most often, the bowl is installed in the kitchen, but in its selection does not take into account important aspects.

In order to decide which bowl your dog needs, you need to ask yourself a few questions and get a clear answer to them:

  • What is a bowl for;
  • The size;
  • Material;
  • Installation height

Why do you need a bowl? The first question may cause you to be perplexed, so we specify: there are usually two bowls – for water and for food. They have different requirements.

From this data, the second question naturally arises: by what criteria do you choose bowls for food and water?

Bowl dimensions. If the dog drinks two thirds of the water at once, the bowl is hopelessly small for it. Do not forget that if you feed with dry food, the volume of liquid should be greater than when fed with soft food, such as canned food.

The food bowl should be twice as large as the portion of food that you impose on your dog at once. If you do not comply with this rule, the food will fall out, as a result – the pet will not eat it, and the eternal dirt in the kitchen is provided.

About bowl material you can not talk for a long time. The three most popular options are metal, plastic or ceramic. Optimal – metal bowls, because They are durable, easy to clean. The disadvantages of the other materials are obvious: plastic absorbs odors and soon becomes unusable. Ceramics is elite, but it beats. Metal bowls are average for the price category and the best in terms of price-quality ratio, because Durable enough.

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Bowl height for dogs. Now we come to the most interesting. It is no secret that the pet is growing and over time the level of the height of the bowls will not be enough. The low position of the bowl (for example, when installed on the floor) harms the dog’s posture. I recommend to look at any atlas of dog breeds in order to understand what sizes to expect from your pet. It will be clear that you need a mount for bowls, which will be regulated with the growth of the dog, so as not to make unnecessary purchases. But this article will talk about how to make a stand under the bowls with their own hands.

On the Internet you will find a lot of options, but here are described the most labor-intensive and not requiring time-consuming.

At what height to set the bowls for dogs [height of the dog at the height of the withers / height of the bowl above the level of the floor]:

Up to 30 cm – 10 cm;

From 30 cm to 40 cm – 20 cm;

From 40 cm to 50 cm – 30 cm;

Above 50 cm – more than 40 cm.

Stand Options

Extra. The most primitive and not expensive option. But, unfortunately, short-lived. Quickly make a stand of improvised means possible, if you have in stock a cardboard box and scissors:

  • In the box, cut holes for the number of bowls of a slightly smaller diameter so that the bowls are held.

Decorative. The second in primitiveness and the same in value is a stand for wooden bowls for dogs with your own hands. The cut tree, a beautiful snag, a wooden pole (or even a stump) will go into business:

  • Treating wood from moisture and rotting, for aesthetics you can remove the bark. Pay attention, it is necessary that the saw should be of the desired height;
  • Next, hollow out the center of the recess into which to place the bowl.
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The option is more time consuming and an amateur. Not all housewives accept this type of stand in their own kitchen, but for a country house it would be quite appropriate.

For permanent use. For the stand, you can use the materials that you have on hand: plastic, chipboard, fiberboard, wood and so on. The base must withstand the weight of two filled bowls and the efforts of the dog in the process of eating food. The length and width depend on the diameter and number of bowls. Add to this list the legs, the height of which depends on the breed of your dog, several self-tapping screws for fastening, 4 elastic bands on the legs for the stand and tools for work (jigsaw, screwdriver, drill).

The main thing is to understand that the surface will have to be in contact with water, so it is necessary to process it properly, protecting it from moisture. Sequencing:

  • Place the bowls on the surface that you make the base for the stand. Outline the diameter of a pencil;
  • In the center of the resulting markings drill drill holes;
  • Jigsaw cut circles. Pay attention: we make circles with a slightly smaller diameter so that the bowls do not fall inward;
  • We process a basis from moisture. Choose a tool for interior work, plastic does not need to be processed;
  • Attach the legs with screws to the workpiece. For noiseless design and to avoid scratches, it is recommended to install rubber bands on the legs.

Stand ready. Of course, no one limits you to fantasy in terms of decor. In particular, you can make a dog stand with two (three or more) bowls with any of these methods.

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More complex options in the manufacture of stands for bowls are designs with adjustable height. It can not do without welding metal construction. And this is much more troublesome than the options that we have considered. But these racks have a huge advantage – they will grow with your pet and, perhaps, it is worthwhile to overcome yourself and make it your own hands.

An additional incentive can serve as cash savings. Such a stand (with adjustable height), made by yourself, will cost 400 rubles, which is 3 times lower than the cost of the finished stand.

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