DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

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DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video
DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video
DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video
DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video
DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

Iphone 5 case replacement instruction


Do-it-yourself glass replacement on iPhone 5S and housing

Do-it-yourself replacing the glass on the iPhone 5S is a process that interests many owners of “apple phones”. The point here is the high cost of the operation, since several thousand rubles are levied for it in service centers. Why is it so important to replace damaged glass? Replacing the protective glass on the iPhone 5S will be required in order to protect the internal elements of the device. If cracks appear on the screen, the risk of hardware damage increases.

What we need?

Replacing the protective glass on the iPhone 5S is a painstaking task that requires the user conducting the operation as much concentration and concentration as possible. That is why you should prepare in advance all the tools that may be required in the near future, so as not to be distracted by trifles at the right time. This is primarily a new glass.

Can I save time?

Replacing the case and glass of the iPhone 5S, as mentioned earlier, is a painstaking procedure and time-consuming. But it can be reduced. However, it should be understood that in this case there is a risk of poor-quality replacement. But since they started talking about it, it is necessary to continue. For a quick change, use a hairdryer. They heat the glass. Too high a temperature is not necessary. After that, use a plastic pointed object to remove old glass in small pieces.

DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

Step-by-step instruction

DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

Step one. Free the module

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Repair iPhone 5S (glass replacement in our case) will not do without such an event as the release of a kind of “hostage” from the frame. the screen module. To do this, unscrew the end screws located at the bottom of the phone. There should be two of them. You can notice the location along the edges of the connector. We install a suction cup-stripper on the protective glass. Position should be closer to the Home key. With a little effort, we pull the ring, which is located on the front of the device. It is important here not to use excessive force. Between the glass and the lower part of the body frame, carefully push a thin object. As soon as we notice the separation line, the suction of the suction cup should be intensified. In this case, the outgoing glass should be tampered with unsharp movements using, for example, a plastic card.

Video: DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

At this stage, you should be very careful, since most users fail here. The consequences can be very deplorable, as an unlucky repairman can easily break the sensor’s connecting cable. And he, in turn, is integrated into the Home key. Replacing the screen glass of the iPhone 5S has some unique features. During the step, you need to unfasten the connector of the biological sensor. It is connected to the system board. We smoothly retract the module, or rather its lower part, so that the upper edge remains in the place where it was before.

Step Two Dismantle the block

Replacing glass on the iPhone 5S will require the unwinding of additional screws. They are twisted in the upper right corner, there are four of them. Using these screws, the protective cover is held in place. After removing this part, you can find the contact pads designed to connect certain loops. We should dismantle this module. To do this, carefully disconnect the connecting connectors (there will be three of them) from the phone board. If everything is done carefully, then we can assume that the dismantling of the unit was successful.

DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

Step Three Install the “new thing”

At this stage, the replacement of glass on the iPhone 5S is completed. Before fixing a new component, it should be equipped. We transfer the microphone to the new module, as well as the connecting cable for it. There will still be a light sensor and a front camera of the device. We push the metal frame and the Home key for a while. Connecting elements are connected to their connectors. On top we impose a protective screen. We fix it with the help of the four screws that we twisted earlier. We put the frame back into its body frame. However, we do the fastening in the direction from top to bottom. Already at the very bottom we tighten the end screws for the final fixing of the screen module. Everything, glass replacement on iPhone 5S is completed.

DIY iPhone 5 Case Replacement Video

Remember the precautions

Replacing a protective glass is always a responsible event. Therefore, you need to be careful to the maximum.

  • Even when removing fragments of old glass, you can make a truly fatal mistake. It will cause the display to be damaged. Therefore, the repair will automatically rise in price.
  • Adhesive and solvent should also be able to use, since in some cases improper use will lead to undesirable effects.

If the user doubts that he will be able to independently perform this operation without negative consequences, then it is better to contact the service center and pay the money, but feel confident and not be nervous about the quality.

How much will the repair cost?

The price of new displays for the iPhone 5S does not have a fixed value. The cost varies depending on the manufacturer, stocks and other parameters. In any case, it falls in the range from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. Here the influence is also exerted by color, device modification, module, and so on. No one excludes the possibility of acquiring Chinese copies. However, in order not to worry about the safety of the display and smartphone, you should purchase the original glass. It will cost more in comparison with other modules of money, but it will justify the money spent.

Technical details

A design feature of the screen module is paired liquid crystal components, a protective glass and a sensor element, which are combined into one integral system. If separation into parts is necessary, then special equipment can be used to neutralize the glue. If it is not, then something sensible to accomplish is unlikely to succeed. At least without prejudice to the component.

This “technical sandwich” cannot be carefully disconnected using improvised home remedies alone. The separation process is a time-consuming sequence of actions. However, there is one loophole. This is an experience. If the user has previously dealt with such things, then he probably should know what can be done to divide the system into parts. Otherwise, you have to leave everything as it is.

In conclusion of the article, we can say that the first step will probably be the most difficult step, since there you need to carefully detach the case frame. And to do it oh how difficult. Especially if the user is faced with a similar need for the first time.

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