Disabling Windows 10 Defender Iso 1809

Windows 10 1903 PRO by KDFX v1.0 (Custom styles Soft Portable)

The assembly is based on the original image from Microsoft (Consumer Edition 10.0.18362.30);

Computer requirements:
CPU: 1.5 GHz or faster, or system on a chip (SoC)
Memory: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Graphics: Video card with support for DirectX 9 or later (preferably from 1 GB of memory).
Free space on the railway: 32 GB for 64-bit and 32-bit.
Minimum Resolution: 800×600 or more.

Torrent Windows 10 1903 PRO by KDFX v1.0 (Custom styles Soft Portable), changes:
– No action with "cutting back" standard drivers were not made. Disabling Windows Defender, SmartScreen, Endpoint Protection, Telemetry was performed in group policies;
– Windows Search is disabled in services;
– Microsoft updates and add-ons are integrated, including UWP applications and services;
– The system was not in audit mode;
– Optimized performance, consumption of RAM and CPU resources, Superfetch and Prefetch;
– The system passes the integrity check (scannow, scanhealth);
– The install.wim machine image file is compressed in esd by Windows.

Added (involved):
– NET Framework 3.5;
– Standard photo viewer;
– Legacy components
– Registry tweaks for additional items of the desktop context menu, files and folders, WMP.

Installed components:
– Microsoft Silverlight v.5.1.50918.0;
– Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Refresh;
– NET Framework 4.8;
– Microsoft Visual C 2005-2017;
– Microsoft Visual J # 2.0 Redistributable Package;
– Microsoft Visual F # 2.0 Runtime;
– Microsoft Visual F # 4.0 Language Pack;
– FastPictureViewer Codec Pack v.;
– MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser;
– StartIsBack v.2.8.5 Orbs Settings;
– OpenAL v.2.0.7;
– Vocalizers Yuri, Katya, Acapela;
– Skype v.8.44 Settings;
– Browser Brave v.0.62.51 (Chromium 73.0.3683.103) Settings Extensions Scripts;
– HashCheck Shell Extension v.;
– Unlocker v.1.9.2;
– WinRAR v.5.7 Themes;
– 7Zip v. 19.00;
– Total Commander v.9.22.a (Portable).

Disabling Windows 10 Defender Iso 1809

Video: Disabling Windows 10 Defender Iso 1809

– Windows update cache with logs;
– PerfLogs folder.

Some points of the installed Brave browser:
To update the Brave browser, you need to download the online installer (about 1.22 Mb) from the official brave.com website, because Brave services running in the background are disabled, which consume RAM and CPU resources during OS startup and operation, therefore browser updates from the menu (Help is about the program) from the menu will not be installed. After updating through the downloaded online installer, you can disable the newly registered background services manually at the discretion of the user. Soft Portable with the ability to edit it and additional material for changing the appearance of the OS with the attached instructions are included with the release.

Important points of OS installation:
– The system is not intended to be installed on top of the old! Only install the system on a clean, formatted disk / partition from under the BIOS!
– In the installer, only the option to select a disk / partition with its editing is left; everything else happens automatically for simplicity and saving installation time.

File: W10_1903_PRO_by_KDFX_x86.iso
CRC-32: fe1fecc4
MD4: 02e9bdbd1a59295c4ca73a815bf4f40c
MD5: 3a0bf507aa7b312cb59e5b51fdf33804
SHA-1: d3fda517e88ad3be39dd32df8599d95f7f4733b9

File: W10_1903_PRO_by_KDFX_x64.iso
CRC-32: 35a18a0b
MD4: 382eab55a676fdcc55660e7608b2fdf0
MD5: 3bb58b2df3e30934f4feb60fefaaba50
SHA-1: 135f0f8cdf74856ee0ac7a2ccd06e312b1da8949

Soft Portable:
File: 1. Soft Portable.exe
CRC-32: 53ef0363
MD4: 6caca9a4872fdc1cedeee99d44146faf
MD5: 379c7de6c8ad25452a0b17b866d9f13f
SHA-1: eab5957cc4b0be02795ddc4a3e4a81748448495cFile:

2. Shortcuts in the Start for Soft Portable.exe
CRC-32: 5a220042
MD4: be06d0b0723ec88466ac892e04e22487
MD5: ce16dd106b1a6ca8264e505b89d85b3a
SHA-1: 39ae699f0bec959d402026351c8db032cd64c203

3. Settings for some programs.exe
CRC-32: 0b7b5166
MD4: f27cee3a8f8c46b6b327cc98deeecbcd
MD5: ee5c0c6c979d6ef02da39f050fcbb79d
SHA-1: ace0fe046d5b8c244d8904421bf348937be08089

4. REG files for some programs.zip
CRC-32: 8caa0268
MD4: d922af75bea94e2b3bc5b397e5575cec
MD5: 5858d7782eb136b40fad65f5b4afe00a
SHA-1: d2c7ba9750d4a0316604e61807c2b900a54081c0

File: Design.zip
CRC-32: 6eaa1291
MD4: fefd073a082089483f35cb1d55e64d9e
MD5: 543c48c1fdcc9ab9a0257610dc331922
SHA-1: 160d73f6d3d616f5357feb44a275001e3dd92cb5

File: Activation.zip
CRC-32: 76514d3c
MD4: 6699c4403753917c47612e002918460c
MD5: e25416f0034505ea7facd8fd302d2dbf
SHA-1: 6a2457c67cc22ba4a1f2344ca27560d75750cdc0

Windows 10 1903 PRO by KDFX v1.0 (Custom styles Soft Portable) screenshots: