Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

Arena for dogs

The form of the arena for puppies does not play any role, as long as it is spacious and comfortable. In addition, it should be large and roomy, because then the puppies will quickly get used to going to the toilet in one place, and rest and frolic in another. Among other things, it is worth noting that the playpen must also be large because the pet must develop normally, and it is rather difficult to do so in a close “house”.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

Instructions for making their own hands

If you have already decided to take matters into your own hands and personally make a playpen for your puppy, you will need some skills and materials besides the desire. One of the key elements of the arena for a puppy should be a chipboard. If it is laminated, it will be easy and simple to clean and disinfect it. The "foundation" of the arena can serve as wooden beams.

It is necessary to fasten the product with the help of screws and corners. And in such a way that the puppy could not chew screws and other parts.

It is recommended to make solid walls at the construction so that the dog does not hurt, for example, sticking a paw into the slot. Walls without cracks will also protect the pet from drafts and make the house more comfortable. Typically, the height of the walls reaches 70 cm, so that it is easy to step over the playpen and the puppy could not get out of it.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

The entrance to the arena is done this way:

  1. The door must be on two hinges and two latches so that the dog does not tear it.
  2. It is necessary to establish an entrance from a corner of an arena approximately on 20 cm.
  3. The bottom edge is raised to 18 cm from the floor, and the top – with a height of the arena wall.

The door can be constructed from the same matter of which the structure consists, or from Plexiglas, so that the puppy adapts to the environment. Do not forget also about the rug on the floor of the arena. In order for the puppies to be warm and cozy inside, you need to lay a material that absorbs the selection or a synthetic padding blanket under the rug. It should be frequently washed and disinfected.

To construct a playpen, you will need tools:

  • Hammer;
  • Construction stapler;
  • Ruler;
  • Yardstick;
  • Passatizhi;
  • Pencil for marking material.

These things probably will be in your home.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

Once you have prepared all the necessary and decided on the materials for the arena, you can proceed to the drawings. It is recommended to depict the desired playpen on paper in order to know what to strive for and not to deviate from the plan. Next, you need to cut a sheet of wood particle board (DSP) hacksaw for wood, carefully, trying to ensure that the tree was smooth and not cracked.

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After the work done, you need to collect the details of the playpen with screws. The house for the puppy is almost ready, now you just have to hang the door. To prevent the puppy from breaking it out or scratching it, make sure it is well attached. After attaching the latch on the playpen door, the work is completed, the house for the puppy is ready.

Every morning you will have to expel the puppy from his house to clean the house by thoroughly cleaning the playpen. When cleaning used disinfectants and substances that eliminate odors. After using these substances, you must thoroughly rinse the arena with plain water to rid the floor and walls of chemicals contained in the cleaning products.

In the provided video, the author of which is Andrei Savin, you can see how to independently construct an aviary for a pet.

Overview wheelchairs for four-legged family members

Not every dog ​​owner knows about such a device as a stroller. But some dogs just need it. For example, those who have lost a paw in the event of an accident or infection. No matter how it happened, much more important is that the stroller for your dog will be a real salvation. After all, the pet in spite of everything wants to feel like a normal animal and stay in nature.

Many veterinarians believe that a stroller for a healthy dog ​​is a wrong decision at the root, because even an old dog should move – even a little, and not ride in a stroller.

Walking options

Strollers for dogs of small and medium breeds are associated with strollers for children and this is not surprising, because the same materials are used to make this transport for pets.

In addition, this type of stroller is also convenient because you can put your things on the lower tier. And the wheelchair can be used not only for disabled dogs, but also for ordinary pets. Occasionally, these strollers are additionally equipped with clothes for dogs, but more often – with a mosquito net or a raincoat, so as not to cause trouble due to the deteriorating weather. Stroller, as it becomes clear, is a very convenient means for transporting dogs of any breed.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

Invalid options

The acquisition of a wheelchair for a dog should be approached more deliberately. After all, the wheelchair for a disabled dog is equipped with various devices for comfort and convenience.

Both those and others are meant for dogs of small and large breeds with amputated or damaged paws. Strollers are made from a material of different strength. If you take a high-quality stroller, we can assume that for its manufacture was used durable plastic and a frame made of aluminum.

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When buying a stroller, whether it is a disabled dog or a regular dog, you need to look exactly at the wheels, because no one needs a problem for a walk. Especially a disabled dog – it will not be able to move if something happens to its vehicle.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

Instructions for making their own hands

If you decide to apply your skills in order to create a pet wheelchair with your own hands, you will have to get a welding machine, because it will be difficult to attach wheels to other structures.

It would be very useful, because then the stroller will last a long time. But if you still do not have such a tool, you can attach wheels to the product thanks to the threaded connections. Metal parts that could accidentally touch your pet, you must necessarily wrap something soft to avoid injury.

For the basis of a homemade dog stroller you can use, for example, a garden wheelbarrow or a cart. Better, of course, if the vehicle will be equipped with high wheels. The wheels can be made of iron tubes, and for other elements use soft, sporty material. To avoid injury, metal parts are wrapped with foam or padding polyester.

In any case, before you start working on a wheelchair for a disabled dog, you need to develop a plan. Draw a drawing of the future product, taking into account the injury of the dog, its weight, age, breed. The most important is injury. This vehicle is designed so that your disabled dog feels comfort, convenience and safety.

Further, based on the shape of the dog, you need to determine the size of the stroller, as well as the height of the wheels. They should be slightly angled in order to keep the focus and not roll over to the side when cornering. It is important that the design is stable and firmly on wheels, because otherwise injuries cannot be avoided.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners


A treadmill is a real way out for those pets who need to be in good shape and keep their health indicators up to par. Excess weight will only add problems to the pet, it may begin complications associated with the whole organism.

For this is a treadmill. She will help your pet to do the exercises without even going outside. When using this device, a strap should be put on the dog so as not to rub the neck. And among other things, it is not recommended to tie your pet to the track, so that there are no injuries. It is better to keep the dog during the whole run.

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A treadmill is a good solution not only for a pet who needs to lose weight, but also for a dog that needs paw recovery. In order to develop and restore damaged limbs, the treadmill will be just the way, especially if the owner of the dog has a tight schedule and there is no time for jogging.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners

Instructions for making their own hands

The best solution would be, of course, the acquisition of a treadmill for yourself, which could be used for a dog. To accustom the dog to the treadmill should be gradually and carefully, so as not to frighten and discourage desire. And yet, if you have no money or for some other reason do not want to buy a treadmill, you can try to build it with your own hands.

  1. The support in the form of legs and support for a cloth (deck) is created. These parts can be made of wood or metal.
  2. The frame is connected to the shaft, located horizontally at different heights.
  3. On the shaft stretched elastic canvas. From the side of the design will look like a caterpillar on the bulldozer.
  4. When moving along the "canvas" (it can be made of wooden parts), it will move backwards.

To manufacture an electric treadmill, one of the shafts (axles) will have to be connected to an electric motor in order to give the axle a spin. This will start the movement of the canvas. Obviously, the treadmill at home is not so difficult to do, but it will require skills and a lot of space at home.

Devices For Our Smaller Brothers That Make Life Easier For Pets And Their Owners


The company already listed accessories for dogs will be washing for paws. This is a convenient tool for quick cleaning paws pet. Takes not so much space and does not require much effort. Washing for paws will help to get rid of inconveniences. Now you do not need to drag the dog through the whole apartment to the bathroom, you do not need to prepare basins and water.

Sink for paws of a dog is a special tank, where warm water and liquid for paws is poured in to help clean the dirt. Then the dog’s paw is placed inside the sink, and several upward and downward movements are made so that the bristles inside the device clean the hair and skin from dirt. Sink for paws of a dog – very convenient device which will help to reduce time for cleaning of the house.

Video "Wheelchair for dogs with their own hands"

Thanks to the channel Domestic chores you can see how to make a wheelchair for an injured pet with your own hands.

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