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Users, first starting to use an iPhone or iPad, are sure to come across a term such as Apple ID. Applications regularly require you to enter some kind of Apple ID and in case of failure, they practically stop working. This situation annoys and confuses inexperienced users who do not understand what the Apple ID is, what it is for and how to get it.

Apple ID. what is it

If you have accounts on sites such as Google or Yandex, then you are probably familiar with such a system. For example, by registering mail with Google, you get an account that you can use to log in to all Google products. You do not need to register a separate account for Google mail, a separate account for Youtube, and so on. Similarly, with the Apple ID, register once and then use the same account.

What is Apple ID for?

Now a little more detail about what the Apple ID is used for. As you already know, Apple uses sign-in to Apple products and services. And this provides you with the following features:

As you can see, the list of features that Apple ID offers is quite wide. Therefore, if you purchased an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, then do not refuse to use the Apple ID. So you only limit the capabilities of your mobile device.

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How to get Apple ID

The easiest way to get an Apple ID is to create it the first time you launch a new Apple device. After turning on the new iPhone or iPad, you will be asked to choose your country, connect to a Wi-Fi network, configure access by fingerprint or face, etc. At one of the stages of setting up a new Apple device, you will be prompted to log in using your Apple ID. Here you need to click on the link “No Apple ID” and go through the registration process.

Create Apple Id Online

If you skipped this step or want to get another Apple ID, then you can register it, for example, using iTunes on your computer. To do this, launch iTunes, open the “Account” menu and select the “Login” option.

Then click on the “Create a New Apple ID” button and go through the procedure for registering a new account.

To register an Apple ID account, you will need to enter your name, work email address (it will be used as a username), password, date of birth, backup email address, as well as three security questions and answers to them.

What else you need to know about Apple ID

In conclusion, here are some important facts about Apple ID. This information will help you not succumb to the misconceptions and myths about the Apple ID, which are often distributed on different sites on the network.

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