Cord To Connect Laptop To TV

It is somewhat difficult to write about how to connect a laptop to a TV. And first of all, because it does not constitute any problem. Just connect them with a cable and do a little manipulation. But this is only theoretically. In practice, sometimes problems arise. There are a number of small nuances. Getting down.

Cord To Connect Laptop To TV

Connect the laptop to the TV yourself.

Next, we will tell you exactly how to connect and discuss possible problems. On many computer-oriented sites, only the moment of selecting a cable or software screen settings are considered. We will try to tell in detail about everything, as we talked about how to connect a microphone to a computer.

The choice of cable to connect.

First you need to decide what resolution your TV supports. This information should be indicated in the device passport. If you are a happy owner of the LCD, then most likely it will be 1366 × 768 or 1920 × 1080. And if it has an hdmi connector, then there will be no problems at all and the picture quality will simply shock you. The best connection of the laptop to the TV will be when using just such an hdmi-hdmi cord.

But we were a little distracted. On the back of the TV or in the passport, we determine which connectors are available and where they are located. You can even write everything down on paper so as not to be mixed up. We make the same manipulations with a laptop. The most common are the S-VIDIO, DVI and HDMI connectors. Based on these records, we determine through which places and with what cords the laptop will be connected to the TV. And now a little general information about these connectors.

Scart. of all the possible options, this is the worst. It is used extremely rarely. On modern devices is not applicable.

S-VIDEO. It is not used very often. The quality is slightly better than when using Scart, but the difference is not fundamental.

Vga. it is applied often enough. To transfer analog video, the option is very good.

DVI. designed to transmit a digital signal. Some laptop video cards are capable of transmitting not only a picture, but also sound through this cable.

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HDMI. At the moment, the best option for connecting a laptop to a TV. The picture and sound go on the same cable. The maximum resolution.

scart S-Video




Further actions are predictable. We select the same connectors and buy such a cable. In several possible cases, preference should be given to a digital signal.

But what if there are no identical connectors for connecting the laptop to the TV? Then you should choose the most optimal combination of connectors and look for either a combination cord or a special adapter.

Video: Cord To Connect Laptop To TV

Now a few words about the purchase of the cord to connect the laptop to the TV. It is believed that it is not necessary to purchase adapters, but rather look for a cord with the required types of connectors. You should not buy a very expensive cable. There is no particular difference between them. Unless turn away from very cheap Chinese options. An ideal cord would be to connect the laptop to a mid-range TV. You can be offered expensive cords, motivating it with a variety of possibilities. It’s not worth it. Especially if the TV is “not the first freshness.” In this case, you still cannot achieve the ideal picture, and there’s no point in paying money commensurate with the cost of the TV set.

A few words need to be said about the length of the cord. The picture quality will be higher if the cord connecting the laptop and TV is short. Not everyone will like it. It is more convenient if they are in different places, or even in different rooms. This is a personal matter for everyone. But it is believed that the maximum cord length at which the decrease in image and sound quality will be insignificant is up to 5 meters.

Now for the sound. This point will not cause you any trouble if you use an HDMI-HDMI cord. Other options include the use of an additional audio cable.

Connection and settings.

So, you figured out how to connect a laptop to a TV. Now it’s time to make some adjustments. Turn on the TV. Turn on the laptop. It is possible that the monitor image immediately appears on the LCD. If this does not happen, do not worry and drink validol. It is necessary to make settings for multiple monitors. For this, a special utility is provided with the drivers. If you did not install it, then you should google it and download from the official website of the manufacturer of the laptop.

Now, to connect the laptop to the TV, press the right mouse button on the desktop, select “Properties”, then “Options”. At the very bottom of the window should be a button “Advanced”. You will be able to customize the video output. There are many indicators, but we are interested in the logo of the manufacturer of the video card. It is from there that the number of monitors is determined. The next steps are “Displays”. “Split screens”. “Multiple monitors”. If the laptop is connected to the TV correctly, two displays will appear. If you have the same thing, then it’s clear how to connect the laptop to the TV.

Then you should adjust the resolution of another display (TV). This was discussed at the very beginning of the article. Another parameter that needs to be set is the viewing modes. In different models, the names may differ slightly, but it is not difficult to understand that you can make the images on a laptop and TV the same, you can display the picture only on TV, and the laptop will be dark. You can even make the desktop split in half, and each half will complement one another on different devices. Most often, choose the option “Clone” (and the laptop and TV show the same picture).

After these simple manipulations, a desktop image should appear on the TV screen. You can do everything for which you connected the laptop to the TV. Perhaps there will be some minor flaws in the setup. We are talking about a somewhat stretched / compressed image, sound quality or braking of the picture. So you need to take a closer look at the settings of the video card.

If you have problems with sound, you should try switching it from the laptop to the TV using the built-in sound card utility. In the “Control Panel”, it will have the logo of the sound card, and the word Audio.

If you have a modern portable computer with good performance, and you already know exactly how to connect the laptop to the TV, then all problems are solved using the settings in the graphics card utility. Just be careful and you will succeed.