Connecting the On-Board Computer to the VAZ 2110

Connecting the On-Board Computer to the VAZ 2110

Continuing the theme of installing on-board computers on VAZ cars, we offer the owners of VAZ 2109 and VAZ 2115, which have an electronic injection system, to install a regular computer on their car. About all the advantages of this device and how to determine its choice, we offer to read this article. Well, if you have already purchased a trip computer, then we offer a detailed guide to installing it on the VAZ 2109.

Where to install the on-board computer VAZ 2109, VAZ 2115

As you know, cars VAZ 2109, VAZ 2115 were equipped with a conventional (high) panel and Europanel. Both options hold for on-board computer installation. In the presented photos you can see these places, they are usually closed with a plug.

For example, we will use a trip computer Multitronics X140 (more about the purpose and functions). The essence of connecting it to the VAZ 2109, VAZ 2115 is as follows.

Connecting an on-board computer to the VAZ 2109, VAZ 2115 with a connector for connecting

    We connect the K-line of the device using a long white wire to the M socket of the EURO 2 diagnostic connector, or to the EURO 3 connector in cell 7, while changing the terminal to 1.5 mm that comes with the kit.

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  • The other end of the white wire must be connected to a 2.8 mm terminal on the tripod block of an empty cell 2.
  • The immobilizer is usually located near the ignition switch and wires from the contact device of the imobipizer are suitable for it.
  • If there is no immobilizer, then the immobilizer block will be empty. In this case, you must install a jumper between the 9 and 18 pins of the immobilizer connector.
  • Video: Connecting the On-Board Computer to the VAZ 2110

    We connect the external temperature sensor of the on-board computer

    1. The wire with the temperature sensor must be placed inside the front or rear bumper in such a place so that moisture, dirt and warm air flows heated by the engine do not get on its surface

    If an external temperature sensor is already installed in the car, then it is recommended to place the BC temperature sensor inside the cabin (under the steering column) to measure the temperature inside the cabin.

    After making all the connections, install on-board computer, in a regular place after removing the plug.

    Connecting the on-board computer to the VAZ 2109, VAZ 2115 without a connector for connection.

    If your car does not have a standard connector for connecting an on-board computer VAZ, use the adapter block that came with the device.

    Connections of the on-board computer to the fuel level sensor (FLS)

    To connect to the FLS for cars VAZ 2109, VAZ 2115 with a high panel, remove the visor of the instrument cluster and unscrew the screws holding the combination.

    1. Pull the green wire from the BK connector adapter terminal No. 8 from the instrument kit to the instrument cluster.
    2. Strip approximately 7 mm of pink colored wire with a red stripe matching the 11th pin of the white 13-terminal block of the instrument cluster.
  • Firmly connect the wire marked with green twist to the stripped portion by the method of twisting and isolate the connection point.
  • It is possible to connect to the FLS in cars with a high panel also in the place of laying the cable harness under the pedals, to the pink wire that goes from the FLS to the mounting block.
  • K-line connection

    1. Terminal "dad" single white long wire from the set of connecting wires plug into the socket "M" EURO 2 diagnostic pads, or by replacing the terminal with a narrower one "1.5mm pin" from the device kit, insert into the socket "7" EURO diagnostic pads 3.
    2. Opposite end of white wire. terminal "mom 2.8 mm" insert in the contact No. 2 adapter connector BK.

    And in conclusion, we recall that all work associated with wiring must be carried out with the battery disconnected.