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Spellchecking in multiple languages ​​at the same time in Opera and Firefox

I have never had problems with spelling. And at school, in the lower grades, and in the senior, and after school, I somehow did not think about what could be spelled incorrectly. I was even surprised at how wrong it is to write. because it is so logical and needless to say, to write a word just like that and nothing else. It was strange to me. like a man in your language can make so many mistakes. But lately, I began to notice that I had errors. One reason, I understand completely, is fast typing on the keyboard (simple typos), but the second, when I suddenly make shkolololny mistakes in words, this is a consequence of total illiteracy on the Internet as a whole, when the brain just copies some words into text without processing “ in the right one. ” This is generally a topic for research, but today it is not about that. It’s about how to avoid sending to the Internet a terrible illiterate nonsense-how to check the spelling of the text before sending it to the Internet.

Connect To TV Laptop Acer Aspire 5739g

Relatively long ago, browsers began to embed spell checking when writing text. In Opera, which I have been using since version 6, which I hate periodically and try to change to something else, but I can’t do it at all. there is also support for spell checking, but I only started using it in the latest, 11th version. It turns on simply — in any input form with the right button, select the “dictionaries” item from the menu, after which we select and check the list in Russian and any other necessary languages ​​from the list. But this standard approach has a big minus. at the same time it is only possible to check the spelling of one language. And if you have to write mixed texts? switching the dictionary back and forth is not a solution.

But there is a solution. You can make (well, or just download and install) a special mixed “Russian-English” dictionary, which, when turned on, automatically checks the text, even if you have a mixture of Russian and English right there. It is very comfortable. I didn’t look for dictionaries for other variants of languages, this is enough for me, but I think that you can do almost any other, in fact it’s just combining two dictionaries into one with some associated corrections. A little later I will talk about the scheme for creating such “mixed dictionaries” for any language you need.

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If you also need such a mixed “Russian-English”, then here is what you need to do.

For Opera.

  1. Download the dictionary itself from here (letitbit) or from here (turbobit)
  2. If you installed Oper without changing the settings, then put the downloaded file in a folder "Program Files \ Opera \ locale \ ru \" , and for single-user version (aka “portable”, portable). in "\ profile \ dictionaries \". You can also put the file in “Documents and Settings \ your user name \ Application Data \ Opera \ Opera \ dictionaries” (if there are no dictionaries, then create such a folder), but this is already a matter of religion.
  3. We launch the browser, in any input field on the site (or in the “notes”) click the right button, and in the “Dictionaries” section select “English-Russian"

All. Now the words you type will be checked for correct spelling simultaneously in two languages.

For Firefox.

  1. Download the dictionary itself from here (letitbit) or from here (turbobit)
  2. Open the archive and place the files Russian-English.aff and Russian-English.dic from it to “C: \ Program Files \ Firefox \ dictionaries“.Russian-English.inf you don’t need to copy there, nothing terrible will happen, but it is needed only for the Opera.
  3. We launch the browser, click on the right in any input field on the site, and in the “Languages” section select “English-Russian".

Under Google chrome I have not figured out a check yet. He uses his cunning format of dictionaries, I did not succeed in sorting it out (yes, I didn’t really bother, but in fact, I don’t use chrome.). In general, as far as I heard (but did not check), chrome can check two languages ​​at once. the one that is the main one in the system and the language version of the browser itself. If you know something on this subject, I will be glad to know as well.

For Internet explorer Has no “native” means of verification. To implement this function, I recommend installing the IE7Pro add-on, there is such an opportunity. Apparently, the native spell check will not be in the final IE9, so this “crutch” will be useful to fans of the “most popular browser” in the future.