Connect Sony Playstation 4 To Laptop

Game consoles tightly entered the life of gamers. Like many years ago, fans of consoles are divided into two camps. The former are in favor of the Xbox, while others believe that nothing could be better than the PlayStation. Nonetheless fans "curling irons" yet the overwhelming majority.

Connect Sony Playstation 4 To Laptop

However, despite such popularity, this console often introduces its owners into a stupor. Most often, gamers are wondering how to connect a PS4 to a laptop via HDMI. This is not surprising, because today most computers, laptops and televisions are equipped with a similar connector. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. First, pay attention to a few points.

Can I connect a PS4 to my laptop via HDMI?

In the game console, this connector is really provided, as well as in the PC itself. There is only one important nuance. There are HDMI IN and HDMI OUT. Standard consoles and laptops have connectors that work "to the exit". Accordingly, it is impossible to connect in this case.

However, this does not mean that the question of how to connect the PS4 to the laptop via HDMI is closed. Portable computers designed for games and equipped with a powerful processor and a gaming video card are often equipped with the necessary connector, so in this case the connection is very simple: you just need to connect the console and select the appropriate mode on it.

Connect Sony Playstation 4 To Laptop

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Nevertheless, the cost of such PCs is very high, so it’s worth considering how to connect the PS4 to the laptop via HDMI using an additional adapter.

PlayStation 4 connection

In order to connect the game console to the monitor of a computer or laptop, it is enough to purchase two inexpensive adapters: for video and audio. Next, you must perform the following steps:

  • Insert HDMI into the USB adapter and plug it into the corresponding video output on the laptop.
  • Reset game console settings. To do this, press the on / off button on the console and wait until it emits the appropriate sound, indicating that it is turned off.
  • Connect the white and red wire "tulip" to the audio jack on the speakers. To do this, use the av-jack adapter.

Connect Sony Playstation 4 To Laptop

This is the most common way to connect your PS4 via HDMI to a laptop or desktop computer. It will also be necessary to switch the audio and video mode on the console itself. To do this, go to the console settings and select the symbol on which the wires are displayed "tulip". If you can’t connect the PS4 to the laptop via HDMI in this way, it’s easiest to use a TV for the game console.

We connect the console to the TV

Even a child will cope with this task. To connect a game console, just connect HDMI to the TV itself and the game console. After that, you need to turn on the console and go to the TV settings, where it is enough to select the AV mode. The game console will automatically connect to the TV and start broadcasting the image. You can also connect the console to the World Wide Web.

We connect the PS4 prefix to the Internet

To make such a connection, you must connect the network cable to the console and perform the following steps:

  • Go to the settings of the game console and find the options there that are responsible for the network settings.
  • Click on the "Set up internet connection".
  • Select the mode of using the network cable.
  • Click on the "Simple type of connection". In this case, the game console will independently determine the necessary network parameters and will automatically connect.

Connect Sony Playstation 4 To Laptop

If the TV works through a wireless connection, then in the Internet settings you should select the available Wi-Fi connections from the proposed ones. After that, it will be enough to enter a password to connect to the Internet and start using the console in real time. However, it should be borne in mind that with a wired connection, the game console will work much more productively, more stable and faster. This is especially true if the gamer downloads "heavy" games that may take several hours to load. It is very important that the network connection is not broken. Under the condition of wireless communication, quite often second failures occur, which are enough to prevent the downloaded game from starting.

The article examined how to connect a PS4 to a laptop via HDMI. If the prefix cannot be connected to the PC, then the easiest way is to use a TV equipped with an appropriate output.

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