Configure Windows 7 AutoPlay

Often when we start the computer, we run the same programs, so to save time, you can specify which programs to run when the OS boots. In this article I will talk about how to configure autorun in Windows 7.

There are 2 ways to configure autorun in Windows 7. The first is simpler, so let’s start with it.

Configure Windows 7 autorun through "Start"

Just simply impossible. First you need to go to the menu Start and choose All programs, Next, look for the folder Autoload.

Configure Windows 7 AutoPlay

I have a program for WiFi and a keyboard auto-switch in my startup. You may have something else. Actually, setting up autorun comes down to deleting or adding shortcuts to this folder.

For convenience, you can click RMB on this folder and select "Open". A folder will open where you can delete and add shortcuts.

Windows 7 autostart setup via msConfig

To do this, we need to open a more advanced program called msconfig.exe. this can also be done through the menu Start. We open it and in the search term write msconfig and open the desired program.

Configure Windows 7 AutoPlay

Video: Configure Windows 7 AutoPlay

Tab Autoload there will be a list of all the programs and services that start when Windows 7 boots up. But do not rush to disable everything in a row, as these can be important drivers or an antivirus. Removing the check marks. turn off autorun.

Configure Windows 7 AutoPlay

Configure Windows 7 autorun through the registry

A list of places where programs that run with different parameters are registered. But be careful in editing and if you have not had business with the registry until this point.

Autostart for all users:

Autostart one-time for all users:

Autostart for the current user only:

Autostart for the current user, but only once:

Configure Windows 7 AutoPlay

For example, to configure Skype to start automatically when the current user logs on to Windows 7, you need to open regedit.exe. This is a registry editor. In the program, go to the section:

and make the following line: “SKYPE.EXE” = ”C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Skype \ Phone \ skype.exe”

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