Computer Does Not See 2 Hard Drive

The computer does not see the hard drive, what it means, and how to deal with the problem.

First of all, you need to decide what a hard drive is. A hard disk (called “Winchester” in the slang) is a device for accumulating data.

In fact, all the information on the computer is stored on it (with a few exceptions).

Computer Does Not See 2 Hard Drive

The operating system and all the data to which it has access are recorded on the hard drive.

Accordingly, when the system does not detect any of these devices, all files recorded on it become inaccessible.

Below will be described the causes of the problems and how to overcome them.

The “diseases” listed below may also affect an external hard drive.

Diagnostic measures

If the computer does not see the disk, you need to determine the "culprits." That is, find out if the problem lies in the device itself or in the system.

To do this, you will have to connect the hard drive to another computer.

If it recognizes the device, then the problem is in the system, if not, then the hard disk itself is faulty. Further work on it is better to delegate to the masters.

Or use a warranty replacement or repair.

If the problem is in the "native" system of the hard drive, then there are several ways to fix it on your own.

That little that can be done independently will help to avoid spending on the services of specialists.

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Some useful tips

  • You can enter the BIOS settings by pressing the F2 or Del keys until the system starts to boot;
  • It is better to remember the correct connection of cables with SATA outputs;
  • It is better to wrap the hard drive removed from the system unit in an antistatic;
  • The lower part of the device, which with the boards, is also better to always put on an antistatic.

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Main problems and solutions

There are a number of problems in the hard drive, which can be overcome with your own hands.

A software conflict or outgoing contacts can be resolved even without contacting specialists.

Outgoing contacts

The problem may lie in the banal lack of contact. To fix it, you will need to remove the system unit cover and try reconnecting the cables.

If no result is obtained, then other parallel cables can be used.

Incorrect BIOS settings

In the case when even the BIOS does not detect the hard disk, you need to look at the system date. Its incorrectness indicates a failure of the settings. Correct the situation will help reset the settings.

To do this, you will need to remove the battery on the motherboard, wait 10-30 minutes and install it back.

After these simple actions, the hard drive should be defined as a physical device.

The problem may be in the order of boot devices. In this case, you do not need to completely reset the BIOS.

It is enough to find the menu item in the name of which is the word “Boot”.

It will have a priority list of devices to boot. In this list, you need to move the HDD to the first line.

To diagnose a hard drive, we recommend using the Victoria HDD program. It allows you to evaluate the performance of the hard drive, check it for defects and even perform minor repairs.

Not enough food

If the device periodically disappears and appears, then you need to listen to it.

The characteristic buzzing sounds of changing work cycles indicate a lack of nutrition. Then you will have to purchase a more powerful power supply or turn off some less important device.

Device conflict

Two hard drives of the same brand in the system can cause conflicts. To avoid them, you need to take turns to check and configure each with a separate connection to the system.

Bus version

Versions of Windows prior to Vista may not support the SATA (SATA II) interface.

The easiest way in this case is to change the operating system to a newer one.

If this is not possible, then you still have to reinstall the OS, but with integrated drivers for SATA interfaces.

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OS problem

If the BIOS detects the device, and Windows does not see the hard drive, then manual configuration will be required using Windows. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Open the "Control Panel" in the "Start" drop-down panel;

2. Double-click on the “Administration” item;

3. In the window that opens, “Computer Management”;

4. In the list on the left, the "Disk Management" item.

In the central lower part of the computer control window, all connected disk devices are displayed. One of them will be without a volume label (letters, C :, D: etc.).

Right-clicking on the tile of this drive will open a drop-down menu that has the line "Change drive letter".

Clicking on this item will bring up a window where you can assign a volume label in the A-Z range. After that, restart the computer.

Not one way helped revive the "patient"? Then you cannot do without the help of specialists. The problems are much more serious and only masters can save the hard drive.

The computer does not see the hard drive. What to do?

Why does the computer not see the hard drive and how to solve this problem? This video is dedicated to answering these questions.

There are some really effective ways to solve your hard drive problems. A detailed analysis of the actions necessary to solve the problem is carried out. These instructions will help you quickly and permanently get rid of problems with your hard drive.