Competent Recommendations On How To Teach A Dog To A Place (Team, Territory Needed, Bedroom)

Competent Recommendations On How To Teach A Dog To A Place (Team, Territory Needed, Bedroom)

From the first days of the puppy’s stay in the house, the animal should be taught that he will have his own separate place to sleep and rest. Unconditional execution of the "In Place!" Command is necessary both for representatives of miniature breeds and for large pets. Along with this command, in the dog’s alphabet of etiquette, the puppy’s toilet training is of paramount importance.

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Arrange a resting place for a puppy

With the advent of a fluffy fidget in the house, the owner should take care of arranging a cozy nest. It should be associated in an animal with safety, warmth and cause positive emotions.

To this end, to arrange a place to sleep and rest should be in a quiet corner of the dwelling. A lounger or a house where the dog will rest should not be located on the aisle, in damp and cold rooms. Air conditioning systems and the proximity of the heaters should be avoided.

It is possible to arrange a place for rest and sleep for your pet on your own. For these purposes, a small mattress or blanket will fit, which should be provided with a removable cover so that you can clean it regularly.

Having prepared a warm litter or lounger, the owner can begin to train the puppy. The first steps in mastering the “Place” team should be taken as soon as the animal gets tired after playing or walking.

Tired puppy begins, as a rule, fit for rest. At this point, the pet should be taken to a fitted bedding or lounger and in a friendly but firm voice give the command “Place” and step aside. If the dog settles, it should be petted and treated to a treat. When training it is necessary to show patience and perseverance, as the puppy can play, forget about sleep and follow the owner.

To teach the animal to sleep and rest in a strictly designated area should be every time the puppy is preparing for bed. Fix skill skill helps and stroking. The owner should ensure that the young pet perfectly executes the command and without encouragement. A puppy should develop only positive associations with the command “Place”, therefore during training the punishment of the dog for disobedience is excluded.

How to teach a dog to a new place

If, due to some circumstances, the owner has changed the territory for sleeping and resting the pet, or the animal is in an unknown habitat for him, the dog should be shown his personal territory. It is advisable to take a litter from the old one and lay it on a new lounger. This technique will calm the four-legged friend, will make you feel safe.

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To teach a dog to a new place, you should let it sniff, get used to it. Having called the pet a friendly shout, you need to point out the lounger prepared for him and give the appropriate command. A positive result is necessary to consolidate the delicacy, affection.

Learning an adult animal to sleep on your lounger

Quite often an adult animal enters the house. Training in this case is complicated. An adult dog has its own habits, it may lack certain skills. Difficult learning and unfamiliar environment.

In order for the schooling process to be successful, the owner first needs to acquaint the dog with a new housing, give the dog everything to sniff, go around all the corners and hidden corners. When the dog calms down, you can begin to teach her to his territory with exactly the same techniques as a little puppy.

For how to choose a dog bed, see this video:

We train an animal on the command "Place!"

In order to train your pet to bed or bedding to be effective, The owner must adhere to the following rules and recommendations of dog handlers:

  • Dog training is carried out after a walk or a meal, when the animal is physiologically ready to rest.
  • Do not train the dog on an empty stomach, in case of indisposition and in an excited state.
  • Work out the command "Place" only in relation to the sunbed.
  • During classes, do not stack the dog by force.
  • Encourage affection and delicacy only after the dog settles itself on the litter.
  • In no case can you take away from the puppy food and favorite toy, which he gladly brought to his bed.
  • In order for an animal to perceive its territory as a safe and inviolable home, it is not necessary to remove the toys brought by the dog in front of him.
  • The team should be given kindly, but with firmness in voice.

Training of a pet to perform the command "Place" should be held in a relaxed atmosphere. At first, you should avoid distractions and conduct classes without unauthorized persons. However, when a dog learns to perfectly execute a command, it is possible to complicate the task and carry out training in the presence of other members of the household, achieving its precise fulfillment.

To learn how to teach a dog to a place, see this video:

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How to teach a dog to the toilet

To teach a puppy to defend the need for a strictly designated place should be at the age of 2 to 4 months. The tactics of training depends on the breed of animal and chosen by the owner of the toilet. Miniature pets, such as chihuahuas, are often taught to use a tray or special oilcloth under conditions of housing. Medium and large dogs are often walked outside or in the courtyard of a private house.

Tolerate before going out

Most owners prefer to walk their pets in the fresh air. Dogs not only defend themselves, but also play, develop physical strength and endurance. Tolerate to the next walk and not to foul in the apartment can have adult animals. Due to their physiological features, puppies up to eight months of age cannot stand for a long time, and the owner should know this.

At the age of 4 months, puddles and more serious consequences on the carpet and floor are common. You should not punish the puppy, and especially poke his nose in the "dirty tricks". Habitating a dog to cleanliness is a long process, requiring endurance and patience from the owner.

Upon reaching the puppy of four months should begin to teach the pet to the toilet. Each time after awakening and feeding, the animal must be carried outside. When the pet does its business, it must be praised, treated to delicious. Only after that you can play and walk with the dog. To choose a place for toilet on the street should be quiet and windless, so that odors and other animals do not distract the dog.

Walk to the oilcloth / tray

Recently, in metropolitan areas and large cities, the dwarf dog breeds have gained incredible popularity: Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Pti-Brabancon and others. Miniature sizes allow you to organize for them a toilet in a city apartment. For this purpose, use trays or special absorbent diaper.

The principle of training a dog to a diaper is to limit the free space. To do this, the puppy is fenced off from the rest of the room with the help of boxes, giving him only a place to rest and an absorbent diaper. Carefully watching the animal, it should be praised and treated to a treat at the moment when the puppy will do its business after sleeping on a special fabric.

It is necessary to place on a diaper after feeding and active play, each time rewarding for a positive result. The fact that the puppy wants to use the toilet is indicated by his behavior: he is spinning in one place, sniffing the floor in search of a diaper.

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Some dogs for some reason do not want to use a diaper. In this case, you can apply the newspaper. When the dog gets used to shitting on them, they can be put in the tray.

In order for diaper or tray habituation to be effective, it is important to choose the right place for their location. To do this, watch the puppy. At first, the tray or diaper can be installed in the selected animal location. Gradually, when the pet gets used to going where it should be, the tray can be placed in a convenient place for the owner.

Deal with one place on the plot

If the dog is kept in a country house or in the country, it will be convenient for the owner if the dog is in need of the allotted area, and not throughout the site. To accustom to such behavior is possible, walking the dog after eating near the preferred place for the toilet. When an animal does its business where necessary, it must be praised, treated to delicious.

This manipulation should be carried out every time, walking the dog. After some time, the dog will be fixed habit shit in the same territory. But only if it will be periodically cleaned.

Schooling the animal to the “Place” team and cleanliness is the basis of dog reading. Knowing your territory and unquestioningly obey the owner is not an easy task, requiring patience and benevolence. To teach your pet to cleanliness will help consistent actions aimed at developing the necessary skills.

Useful video

To learn how to teach a dog to the toilet, see this video:

After bathing, several towels are used to dry the dog. If the dog is accustomed and has no fear, it is possible to dry the wet wool and with the help of a hair dryer. The dog can be trained to blow-dry.

Rules for teaching the dog to the procedure To teach the dog to the procedure gradually, starting with a daily inspection of the auricle.

Step by step instructions will tell you how to teach a cat to the toilet, how to do it after the tray. And you saw how cats go on. All Internal diseases in dogs Infections and parasites Care and education. Choose the right vitamins for dog hair.

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