Choosing The Right Dog Muzzle

Choosing The Right Dog Muzzle

A muzzle for a dog is just as important a part of a canine “ammunition” as a leash or collar. The opinion that the muzzle is necessary only for large or fighting breeds is wrong: this element is obligatory for any dog.

Why does the dog muzzle?

Choosing The Right Dog Muzzle

The muzzle on the dog during walking or travel in public transport is regulated by law. In addition, there are many other situations where this accessory cannot be avoided, for example, visiting a veterinarian for preventive or therapeutic procedures. The muzzle does not give the dog the opportunity to pick up all sorts of "goodies" during a walk from the ground. And he must be worn to an animal during training when training in protective and guard duty.

The muzzle makes life easier not only for the owner of the dog and serves as a guarantee for the safety of others, but also benefits the animal itself, saving the health, and sometimes the life of your beloved pet.

Types of muzzles: advantages and disadvantages

The variety of muzzles from modern manufacturers allows you to choose an accessory for any dog. There are different models for the material performance, design and, of course, in size.

By modification, the muzzles are mesh and deaf.


Made from leather or leatherette. Such muzzles are used mainly during training: they are very reliable, they exclude the possibility for the dog to bite someone. However, deaf models are not designed for prolonged wear, putting on in heat or during severe physical exertion: in such a muzzle the dog cannot breathe freely, the mouth is fully opened, there is no complete cooling of the dog’s body, and there is a danger of getting heat stroke. If not necessary, it is better to abandon the use of such a model.

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Mesh leather

Choosing The Right Dog Muzzle

Such muzzles are strips of leather or leatherette, which are interconnected by rivets. Aesthetic appearance and affordable price – all the advantages of this type of muzzles. In fact, they are ineffective: the dog will not be difficult to break such a muzzle and even bite in it. In addition, leather models are short-lived (the material will crack with time, and the rivets will become covered with rust) and after long use will get an unpleasant odor, and poorly treated leather or poor-quality dyes can cause allergies in the dog.

Metal mesh

Choosing The Right Dog Muzzle

Practical and reliable type of muzzles, made in the form of a basket, well protected from bites. In such a muzzle, the dog breathes freely and can even drink and get delicacies. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the strength of the mesh mounts (in case of breakage, the animal can be seriously injured) and the coating of the model that would protect the metal from corrosion. And between the net and the dog’s face there should be a special soft gasket. In the cold, it is better not to use a metal model: touching the cold metal can injure the nose or tongue of the animal.


Mesh muzzles made of plastic, attached to the dog’s face with leather straps, have all the advantages of metal models, except for high strength. They are inexpensive, easy to maintain, well protected from bites, suitable for use at any time of the year. However, a plastic muzzle can rub the dog’s skin, so you need to put it on correctly and constantly ensure that the animal does not stay in it for too long.

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There are still muzzles of fabric: they are almost weightless, inexpensive, easily erased. However, such models are suitable only for puppies or calm dogs: they are easy to unbutton, remove or even break. A tissue muzzle will not prevent an animal from picking up unwanted "snacks" from the ground, and in the summer it will prevent free breathing, which means cooling the dog’s body.

Choosing a muzzle

Some useful tips

  1. Choosing a muzzle, you must consider the nature and habits of the dog. For a small, good-natured dog, it will be enough to muzzle a cloth, and for large or fighting breeds, to purchase high-quality leather for the winter and metal for the warm season.
  2. Anyone, even the strongest muzzle, will not fulfill its purpose without reliable fixation. However, experienced dog breeders advise from the options “one or two pairs of straps” to choose the first: a large number of fasteners, confusing among themselves, creates inconvenience when dressing on an animal that doesn’t deliver much joy to the process.
  3. If the muzzle is chosen not for the purpose of visiting the veterinarian, you should pay attention that it is not too tight to the animal’s face and to the dog’s nose. However, it should be fixed on the dog firmly enough.
  4. It is necessary to choose an accessory so that the dog is comfortable in it. And that means doing it in accordance with the breed, the size of the dog and the shape of its muzzle, necessarily removing it from the animal’s measurements.

We take measurements for the muzzle

All measurements are performed in centimeters.

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Measurements to be taken:

  1. The length of the muzzle.The measurement is taken from the tip of the nose to the line of transition from the muzzle to the forehead.
  2. Girth muzzle.The circumference is measured at the widest point, about 1-2 cm below the eye line. Measurement is carried out with the mouth closed.
  3. Length from eye to occiput.
  4. Girth of the neck.Measured neck circumference behind the ears.
  5. The width of the muzzle in the widest part
  6. The height of the muzzle.The measurement is taken in the highest place of the muzzle with the mouth closed.

The correctness of the measurements taken can be checked by the following formula: muzzle width x2 muzzle height x2 will be > or = girth muzzle.


The next step after the purchase will be to accustom the dog to the muzzle.

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