Choosing The Right Dog Bowl

Your beloved dog deserves to eat from a good bowl. You will not neglect the best when it comes to your dog?

The article will help you determine the choice of the right bowl.

If you treat those who believe that there is no difference what a dog has in a bowl, as long as it is fed with good food, then let me say that it will be much easier to feed a Labrador with the right bowl. The bowl should be selected according to the size, food consumption, and the age and character of your dog.

Types of Dog Bowls

Before I tell you how to choose the right bowl, consider the main types of bowls that can be seen on sale. I will mention the most popular:

Choosing The Right Dog Bowl

Plastic bowls: cheap and durable.

Ceramic bowls: opportunity to choose from a variety of styles.

Stainless steel bowls: best in terms of durability and care.

Automatic bowls: food is automatically filled when the bowl is empty.

Hiking bowls: inexpensive and portable.

Bowls with stand: can be raised above the floor.

Bowls for slow feeding: have septum inside.

Choosing a dog bowl

I will give a few options, and pick up the perfect dog bowl for them.

If you have a puppy

Puppies love to be naughty, and they will definitely try to play with a bowl. Therefore, in a bowl, reliability is important. It should be small and should not slide easily. I recommend the option of plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. As the puppy grows, the bowl should be changed.

Important: plastic bowls can be damaged if the puppy has a habit of chewing plastic things.

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If your dog overeats

Overeating can cause digestive problems and can also lead to obesity in a dog. If your dog has a problem with overeating, but do not take her automatic bowl. Buy a bowl for slow feeding to reduce the one-time consumption of food. Also, the dog will have a smaller chance to choke, thanks to the fact that from such a bowl she will eat small pieces.

If your dog is old

Older dogs often experience joint pain, so it is important that they maintain a comfortable posture while eating. Food from a regular bowl strains the joints of an elderly dog, as well as its neck. This posture can also cause problems in her digestive system. If you have an older dog, then I would recommend a bowl on a stand.

If you have too little time to personally feed your dog, then the best choice for you will be automatic bowls. They guarantee that in your absence the dog will have enough food and water. I always try to personally feed my dogs, and you can try to set aside time from your tight schedule.

If you travel with a dog

If you have a habit of traveling with a dog, then you need a portable option, namely, a camping bowl. They accommodate enough food for your pet and are very convenient to use.

If you prefer style

Choosing The Right Dog Bowl

If you want a stylish bowl for your pet, then you should definitely choose from ceramic variations. Designs such bowls great variety. Plastic also has many variations, but in terms of style, ceramic bowls are out of competition.

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Once you have chosen the right bowl, you need to ensure that it is always clean.

A dirty bowl causes the dog to become susceptible to illness.

If the bowl is damaged, it should not be repaired but replaced.

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