Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

Properly prepared for the dog diet – the key to its health and beauty. The owner immediately wonders what it is to feed your pet. By-products have always been questioned: is it possible to give a dog chicken necks, legs, heads? In this article we will try to find answers to these questions.

Which chicken offal can be given and which not?

First, let’s look at what offal. Offal is a side of the body that remains when cutting the carcass: head, neck, bones, skin, etc. They are stored for no more than four months, even at low temperatures. After the expiration date has expired, you can not give them to your pet. But if the dog has eaten, immediately show it to the vet.

There is a feeding system BARF, which provides for the use of chicken offal, but only in raw form.

However, most veterinarians believe that it is impossible to give chicken bones. For nibble there are beef (mosly) or cartilage. In no case are boiled bones, because when they are cooked, they become dense and sharp, and are not digested in the stomach, and they can also damage the stomach and intestines. In addition, they are in no way a source of calcium, as many people think, since in them it is in a modified form.

Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

When feeding puppies, one should not forget about dry food, because in its pure form by-products for crumbs can be harmful. You also need to closely monitor the behavior of the pet. If diarrhea or vomiting begins, immediately remove from the diet the product that the dog ate.


Whether to give a dog chicken bones is a very sensitive question, because it can be answered with both yes and no. In no case should you give your pet boiled chicken bones. If you ask why, the answer is simple: when cooked, the bones become so soft that they almost turn into a homogeneous mass. This is all very, very bad for a pet.

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Boiled bones clog the stomach, where only in some, very rare cases, everything will be without problems. More often, surgery may be necessary to remove bones from the stomach.

Further, on what it is necessary to pay attention: tubular bones from paws and wings should not be given in any case. If a pet cracks them, splinters can rip the intestines.

After this, the owner will be expected to struggle with peritonitis and other horrors. We’ll have to do the surgery, where, at best, the dog can be saved after the hellish torments, at worst – no. Therefore, it is always worth to think carefully about what kindness can bring you.

If your dog has already eaten bone, you need to carefully follow its feces. And do not wonder why there were bloody footprints, and immediately take the pet to the veterinary clinic.

Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

Of course, you should not refuse chicken bones, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. Chicken bones still help shape and strengthen the cartilage of the joints. Bones will be a nutritional supplement to the main feed.


You can feed your dog with chicken heads. It should be done with caution and not overdo it. Before you add the chicken heads, pre-cut into pieces, in porridge or vegetables, you should get rid of the beak. There are no useful substances in the beaks, and they are not digested.

Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

When decoction the head loses half of its energy value, so the portion should be doubled. And make sure that there are no bone fragments, for example, from the neck.

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With necks everything is exactly the same as with bones. It is undesirable to boil the necks, because this will threaten intestinal obstruction and the loss of nutrients. You can give it entirely, because there are no tubular bones in the neck. Thanks to this, even two-month-old puppies can eat the neck.

Neck can also be scalded with boiling water and add the main ration in the form of minced meat as top dressing. Your pet will chew on chicken necks with pleasure.

Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

Paws, like the other offal, are in question. If you ask dog lovers, opinions are different, like heaven and earth. Some for, others categorically against. Digging deeper.

So, if you decide to feed your dog with its paws, you need to know a few rules:

  • Remove bones;
  • Remove claws;
  • Rinse the legs with boiling water.

Why do you have to do all this? Claws can hurt the stomach, however, as the bones that make up the legs. The bones in the paws are tubular and, if the dog bites them, a shard can tear the esophagus. That is why you need to remove all chicken bones. Of course, you can soften them if you cook for a long time, but then they will clog the intestines, and this is useless to your pet.

A good option to avoid problems with the intestinal tract is to boil the jelly from the paws, removing all the bones and fragments. Jelly, in fact, easy to cook, to cope with any boss. But not everyone knows that it is in the bones that toxins and other harmful substances accumulate.

Jelly from the paws is good to use in limited quantities during the growth of the animal, it contains natural gelatin, which allows to strengthen and support the joints.

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Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

Veterinary advice

Concerning chicken bones, necks, heads, paws and other offal, the opinion of veterinarians diverges. Some admit the possibility of feeding them, others – not.

Here are some recommendations of qualified specialists:

  1. Offal should be given to the pet raw, because it leaves more nutrients in this way. If you are sure that they are of high quality and do not carry infection, no, it is better, of course, to boil them. And clean off the bones.
  2. Always monitor pet bowel and skin reactions to avoid problems. It is undesirable to give chicken skin.
  3. To the dog ate more nutrients, you can increase the portion of boiled offal. Why? Because during cooking, all energy value is lost.
  4. It is recommended to feed the pet with offal no more than 1 – 2 times a week, along with the main food.
  5. If you decide to switch to natural food, you need to give your pet time to get used to it. Side effects such as vomiting and diarrhea are possible.
  6. You can not give at the same time by-products of different types: fermented milk and meat.

Chicken Offal To The Dog To Give Or Not To Give

Also, veterinarians recommend carefully monitor the fact that the dog eats.

Offal should be bought only from trusted people and in places trustworthy. You can not buy food for a pet in suspicious places where the spread of bacteria is possible.

Also, doctors strongly recommend to look at the first reactions of the pet to the feeding of chicken offal. After all, what is good for one dog, another can harm.

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