Check Webcam On Windows 7

Now I will show how to quickly check on Windows 10 whether your camera is working, if it doesn’t work, see if it is turned on and show how the drivers are installed on the webcam.

Microsoft in Windows 10 introduced a special program “Camera”, which we will use to verify it.

Click on the “Start” button (lower left corner of the screen) and select “All applications.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

The applications are sorted alphabetically, so we find the letter “K” and go to “Camera”.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

In the window that appears, asking for access to the camera, select “Settings”.

You can also enter the settings through “Start. Settings. Privacy” and here we find “Camera” on the left.

We select this item and in the column “Allow applications to use the camera” move the switch to the “On” position

Check Webcam On Windows 7

Now again we go to the “Start. Applications. Camera” and everything should work and you will see the image from the webcam.

This application has buttons for viewing photos (top left), brightness adjustment (center top), a button to take a photo and record a video (right).

Check Webcam On Windows 7

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Thus, we can check whether the webcam will work in other applications.

If there are any problems, then there are several options for solving them.

Older laptops often have camera power buttons or some kind of switches.

The buttons are usually located near the power button and are marked with a schematic image of the camera, and the switches are usually placed on the end near the TouchPad.

Video: Check Webcam On Windows 7

Next, go to the “Start. Settings. System” system, go down to the very bottom and find “About the system” on the left. Here we also go down and select “Device Manager”.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

In the device manager we find “Image Processing Device”, clicking on it, you can see your webcam.

To enable or disable it, you need to right-click on it, select “Enable” / “Disable”.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

If a webcam is not present in the file manager in the “Image Processing Device”, and an undefined device with an exclamation mark is displayed, it is possible that it does not have drivers.

On this site you can find descriptions of how you can install all the drivers for most laptops, and for specific models.

You can also go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer. In our case, Acer (

Usually there are Russian sites, but there are European ones, and there are more European drivers. Therefore, if you did not find the driver on the Russian site, try looking for them in the European one.

On the site we find the tab “Services. Drivers and Manuals”. We go to this page and here you can find drivers by serial number or laptop model.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

If there are no drivers for Windows 10, you can search for them under Windows 8, 7, they are usually compatible.

You can also search for drivers by hardware id. To do this, go to the “Device Manager” and right-click on the device, select the properties.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

Go to the “Details” tab, click on the “Device Description” drop-down list and select “Equipment ID”.

Check Webcam On Windows 7

The ID of your equipment appears in the window. We copy it and drive it into any search engine with the inscription “. download drivers”. The search engine will display several sites where you can download drivers.

If it does not find the full ID, you can delete a pair of sectors in the ID.

As a result, you can determine the following options, why the camera does not work.

  1. The switch / key combination on some older laptops is not included.
  2. Do not stand the driver, or are not the ones.
  3. The problem with Windows.

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