Change Microphone On Iphone 6s

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In the case when the microphone does not work on the iPhone, this causes certain inconvenience. Although Apple’s electronic technology is known for its excellent quality, problems still arise. You can fix the problem on your own if you find out the cause of its occurrence.

Device issues

The reasons why the microphone does not work on the iPhone may be different. First of all, malfunctions can appear due to a malfunction at the software level. Often, the microphone does not work on the iPhone due to external negative influences. It is not easy to carry out diagnostics yourself in any case, since the causes of the breakdown can be different.

Often a smartphone does not work well when talking due to:

  • mechanical damage to the bottom microphone
  • oxidation of the microphone contacts due to moisture
  • software crashes

If your device is wet, you can try to turn it off and dry it yourself. But in this case there is no guarantee that it will function as before. After getting wet, it is possible to eliminate the problems of the lower microphone using special chemical treatment of parts, which is quite difficult to perform.

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What can you do on your own?

If the phone has stopped working, you can independently perform several actions that will help with system failures. If your Apple device stops working, follow these steps:

  • check sound settings
  • reboot your device
  • perform an iOS update through the iTunes app
Change Microphone On Iphone 6s

Video: Change Microphone On Iphone 6s

If the phone does not work well during a conversation, there may be a problem in the presence of dust. In this case, during the conversation the interlocutor will hear you badly. You can independently clean the mesh in the iPhone, which is located near the charging connector. If this does not help, you will have to replace the defective part.

If there is no speakerphone, before you bring the device to the master, call someone and talk to both microphones on each device. so you will conduct an independent diagnosis during a conversation. If liquid gets inside the iPhone, immediately turn off the device. If there is no speakerphone, the problem may be with the malfunctioning part inside the phone.

If, during an iPhone conversation, your interlocutor speaks quietly, you can’t hear it, or you can’t hear it, the problem may be in the breakdown of the speaker of the smartphone and the lower microphone. In order to determine the malfunction of the microphone, you can start the recorder and record sound. If the recorder writes perfectly, but the speaker of the other person is silent or quietly working, then the microcircuit is out of order. The reason for the failure is that the part is located on the edge of the board and is attached with a weak solder. as a result, it breaks down even from a light blow. In this case, it is better to contact a specialist who will find the right solution and repair the connection.

Troubleshoot with experienced wizards

YouDo artists will offer the best solution to the problem and will be able to perform high-quality and inexpensive repairs at competitive prices in a short time. In addition, you can use the services of a courier who arrives at any address. Specialists provide the following services:

  • device diagnostics
  • Repair iPhone
  • replacement parts

Upon completion of repairs, a warranty is issued. Masters use only original spare parts in their work and choose the best solution to the problem. Prices for iPhone repairs for YouDo artists are negotiable.

In order to install a new microphone or repair an old one, you will need professional equipment. If the microphone does not work on iPhone, order the services of YouDo artists, and very soon your phone will fully function.

Change Microphone On Iphone 6s

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