Change Glass On Samsung A 10

Samsung Service Center on Novokuznetskaya is an urgent repair of Samsung Galaxy S8 from 1 hour. In the presence of original spare parts, and our own staff of craftsmen. We make modular repairs of the Samsung Galaxy S8, for example, replacing the display, as well as complex component repairs of the system board.


For original spare parts, Samsung’s branded warranty is 6 months, the warranty for work is 180 days. If you don’t know what the Galaxy S8 is in, then we can consult you by phone in Moscow 9255075311. Our diagnostics are absolutely free, even if you refuse further repairs.

Replacement of glass according to the factory technology OCA Mitcshubishi 170 UM. It is ideally placed in the case, without cracks and gaps due to the thickness (using the original glass). Repair is done at the client in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Glass Replacement

Any phone is imperfect and has its own vulnerabilities, in the Galaxy S8 it is a screen, or rather glass, which bursts when an unsuccessful fall. It is up to 80% of all repairs that replace the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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The display rarely suffers from a blow, as it is made of film, but it is easily pierced by a broken glass fragment, since the glass is glued to the display, which is why the glass on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is replaced by a module.

The package of the original module includes: protective glass Gorilla Glass 5 with an oleophobic coating, amoled HD display, Home button, charging connector, cable, frame-case. All that remains of your phone is the camera, speakers, coaxial cables, the system board and back cover. Hence the high cost of replacing the display.

Video: Change Glass On Samsung A 10

On time, repairing the Samsung Galaxy s8 takes 1 hour 20 minutes, provided that the details are reserved by phone, it is free and does not require an advance payment.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Repair

Repair of the display is possible provided that the matrix and microcircuit on the cable are intact. Only the display loop on which the connector, the backlight and the smd components are located is subject to repair. Screen diagnostics take several hours; it’s not fast.

Samsung G950 Camera Glass Replacement

Damage to the glass of the camera, as a rule, does not affect the operation of the camera itself. Replacement of glass can be made in two versions, together with the edging of the camera and just glass. The new camera glass is no different from what is on the new phone, it has all the properties.

On time, the repair of the Galaxy S8 to replace the camera glass is carried out within 35 minutes. The master removes old glass, removes small fragments of glass with compressed air and installs new glass on waterproof glue.

Change Glass On Samsung A 10

The camera in the Samsung Galaxy S8 is quite massive, and with strong shocks, the internal autofocus mechanism suffers. Due to the photographing, the camera does not focus and the pictures are blurry.

The camera is absolutely airtight, assembled in a single unit, which is why it can not be parsed, only replaced. But in some cases, repairs are possible, not just the cameras, but the system board. Only the wizard can tell after the diagnosis of the phone.

Replacing the back glass cover of the Samsung Galaxy S8

The rear glass panel changes within 40 minutes. A new cover comes with adhesive glue and a new gasket. Differences from your old cover will be insignificant, there will be no imei phone, and some inscriptions, otherwise everything will remain the same and you will not notice the difference after the repair of Samsung Galaxy S8.