Change Glass On Iphone 5 S

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Change Glass On Iphone 5 S

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Indicative prices are indicated to find out the exact cost of repairs, select the model of your device in the top menu of the site

One of the highlights of Apple products is the use of tempered and heavy-duty Gorilla Glass, which reliably protects devices when they fall from a table or chest pocket of a standing person. iPhone 5 is no exception! Alas, sometimes a smartphone falls so that these unique qualities are not able to protect against the formation of disgusting cracks and scratches on the touchscreen, which not only spoil the presentable appearance of the device, but can also negatively affect its functions in the future. Quickly and efficiently change the glass on the iPhone 5 offer experienced masters of the service center Re: Store.

Why you need to replace the glass of iPhone 5

A cracked screen is a common problem that many iPhone 5 owners have encountered. If the screen is slightly damaged and the defect does not affect the health of the device, the owner often continues to use the device, which may lead to:

lack of touchscreen reaction;

incorrect or partial reaction when you click on the touch screen;

arbitrary display operation without user intervention.

Untimely replacement of the iPhone 5 glass can lead to more dangerous damage and more expensive repairs. Therefore, immediately after the fall, you should contact Re: Store engineers for help.

IPhone 5 Glass Replacement: Possible Risks

In cases where damage to the touch glass (Touchscreen) did not affect the operation of the device, it can be replaced separately from the screen. But this can only be decided by a specialist after a complete diagnosis of the smartphone.

Replacing glass with iPhone 5 is a painstaking procedure that requires special care, the use of special tools and, of course, experience. Do not forget about the consequences of such repairs. Touch glass is an element of a non-separable display module, so removing it is not so easy. To do this, a strong heat treatment is carried out, which can damage the matrix of the display itself, which, of course, will lead to a malfunction of the whole module. If the touchscreen can be carefully disconnected, then when installing a new glass, dust particles can get under it, which will be noticeable during use of the device. Therefore, wizards often recommend changing the fully display module. But if modular replacement is too expensive for the customer. it is quite possible to replace only protective glass.

Answer exactly the question: “How much does glass replacement on iPhone 5 cost?” It is possible only after the diagnosis of the device. The cost is affected by the speed of repair, the type of work, as well as the parts used by the master. In the Re: Store service center, both original spare parts and good copies are available.

Remember that self-replacement of the broken touch glass of iPhone 5 will cost more! Do not trust videos on the Internet and in artisanal conditions change the touchscreen. This can lead to deformation of the case, internal damage, which will not only disrupt the operation of the device, but also permanently disable it. IPhone 5 glass replacement should only be trusted by professionals!

Five reasons to replace glass on the iPhone 5 in a Re: Store service center

The Re: Store service network offers:

responsible approach to solving problems of any complexity;

prompt repair with a quality guarantee;

loyal pricing policy, taking into account the budget;

professional advice and free diagnostics;

use only high-quality components from reliable partners.

Dates: from 30 minutes.

Equipment: plastic spatula, mounting hair dryer, screwdrivers, tweezers.

Materials: original components and quality analogues.

Warranty: up to 6 months.

You can get advice from our operators at the indicated numbers.

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