Change Glass On Huawei Honor View 20

Types of repair work for Huawei Honor View 20

Prices do not include the cost of spare parts. The table does not show all types of work for this model produced by our service center. For accurate information on the cost of repairs, the availability of parts and the timing of repairs, please contact our multi-channel phone: 7 (499) 707-30-31.

Screen replacement for Huawei Honor View 20

In Huawei Honor View 20 received an aspect ratio of 19.25: 9, as well as a resolution of 2310 by 1080 pixels, such displays are used on the Play model and the usual Huawei 10. The display gives rich and vibrant colors that will appeal to its owners. 6.4-inch screen with minimal frames. Display. It uses an IPS contrast matrix that displays very rich colors. Viewing angles are close to the maximum possible. The picture stands out and good detail. The minimum brightness level makes it possible to comfortably use your smartphone in the dark. Therefore, it is worth securing your device in advance by installing accessories in the form of covers and protective glass / films, since here, however, as with most modern mobile devices, the display and touch glass are supplied as a single part. the display module. In case of severe damage or damage that affects the operability of the display module element, no matter what it is damaged, whether it be a touch glass or a display, it will be possible to repair only by replacing the display with the touch glass (touchscreen) of the Huawei Honor View 20 assembly. The obvious symptoms that indicate the need for repair are: loss of functionality (partial or full) of the touch glass or display, spontaneous sensor triggering, image distortion, etc. Replacing the display module takes about 2 hours.

Speaker Huawei Honor View 20 does not work

The speakers in the device are responsible for reproducing sound, for example, thanks to the dynamics of the ear, you hear the interlocutor during a conversation, and thanks to the dynamics of polyphony, you hear the melody of an incoming call or alarm clock. As a result of an unsuccessful fall or ingress of water (or dirt, dust), the speaker may stop working or there may be wheezing or rattling when playing sound, the speaker may be quieter or the reproduced sound may be distorted. The speakers are not repaired and therefore it will be possible to fix the defect only by changing the ear speaker or the Huawei Honor View 20 speaker unit. The replacement work takes about 1 hour.

Change Glass On Huawei Honor View 20

Microphone Replacement Huawei View 20

If the microphone malfunctions, it is necessary to replace the substrate with the charging connector and the microphone of the Honor View 20 assembly, due to the fact that the faulty microphone cannot be repaired and it is not supplied separately from the substrate. The reasons for which a microphone replacement may be required are not many, the main ones are: ingress of water, dirt, dust and the result of mechanical stress or a fall. As a result, complete or partial loss of performance may be observed. If with a complete loss of the microphone’s performance, everything is simple, because in this case the interlocutor simply stops hearing you. Partial loss of microphone performance can be expressed in its quiet operation or the appearance of distortion in the transmission of sound to the interlocutor. Substrate replacement work takes about 1-2 hours.

Replacing the side buttons (power and volume) Huawei Honor View 20

If one of the side buttons malfunctions, be it the power button or one of the volume buttons, it is necessary to replace the loop of the volume buttons and turn on the Huawei Honor View 20 assembly. This is due to the fact that, individually, the buttons do not change and are not supplied, therefore, it is corrected only by replacing the complete assembly. The main reasons for the failure of the buttons is the ingress of water (or dirt, dust) or the result of mechanical stress. Symptoms by which it can be understood that the replacement of the side button loop is required can be either a complete loss of operability or a partial loss of operability, which can be expressed in spontaneous operations of the faulty button, sticking of the button (when the device accepts the faulty button constantly pressed). Work on replacing a loop with a faulty button takes about 1 hour.

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Huawei Honor View 20 camera does not focus

The main reasons for such a defect may be a camera malfunction or a poor condition of the camera’s protective glass (for example, the main camera window). Most often, the failure of the camera, and as a result the inability to focus on the object, is associated with a fall or mechanical impact, but not infrequently, the ingress of water or dirt leads to such defects. This is due to the fact that, for example, severe damage to the main camera window opens the way for water (or dirt, dust) inside the device, which can lead to failure of the camera and the mobile device as a whole. If the defect is associated with a malfunction of the camera itself, then the problem will be solved by replacing the front camera or camera module of the Huawei Honor View 20. Replacing the cameras takes about 1-2 hours. If the problem is, for example, with the camera window, if severe damage is present, it is recommended to change the back cover with the camera window of the Huawei Honor View 20 and not wait until the ingress of water (or dirt, dust) leads to a malfunction of the camera itself or to costly repairs due to water entering the device itself.

Change Glass On Huawei Honor View 20

Replacing the charge / sync connector for Huawei Honor View 20

If you are faced with the fact that the device does not charge or does not synchronize with the computer, this may indicate a malfunction of the power connector. The replacement of the faulty connector is carried out by replacing the substrate with the charging connector and the Huawei Honor View 20 microphone assembly, this is due to the fact that the power connector is not supplied separately. Most often, the connector fails as a result of careless use during operation, which leads to loosening of the connector. First, you can observe that for the correct operation of the connector, you need to look for the desired position of the charger plug in the power connector, constant search for the position leads to the fact that the connector is finally loosened and stops working at all. Other causes may be the result of mechanical stress or the ingress of water (or dirt, howling). In the first case. damage to the power connector, and in the second. corrosion and, as a result, a short circuit. Troubleshooting takes about 1-2 hours.

Battery Huawei Honor View 20 poorly holds a charge

There are several reasons for this malfunction: a battery malfunction, a large number of software, a malfunction of the system board or elements of the system board. A faulty battery is the most common reason for contacting a service center. The battery has a limited service life and as a result of natural wear and tear, the physical properties of the battery can change (capacity decreases, resistance increases, etc.). As a result, you may encounter the fact that during peak load the device may turn off spontaneously with a positive charge level, discharge quickly, charge for a very long time or not charge at all above a certain level, display an incorrect charge level. This defect is corrected by replacing the Huawei Honor View 20 with a new battery, which takes about 3-4 hours.

Huawei Honor View 20 not loading

The device may stop loading for several reasons, it may be the result of an incorrect shell update, as a result of which critical errors may appear, this may occur as a result of an independent unsuccessful attempt to reflash the device, or it may also occur during operation as a result of the appearance of critical errors in third-party software. This problem is fixed by restoring the software of Huawei Honor View 20, the procedure is effective, but is accompanied by a complete loss of all information stored in the memory of the mobile device. Recovery work takes about 3-4 hours.

Replacing the headset jack (audio jack) of the Huawei Honor View 20

The reasons that can serve as a failure of the headset jack are few: inaccurate use during operation and the ingress of water (or dirt, dust). As a result, the connector is loosened, which leads to the fact that at the slightest accidental touch on the headset plug you can hear a loud rustling, distortion or complete absence of sound. The ingress of water or dirt causes the connector to fail due to corrosion or it is not possible to plug the plug into the connector due to the presence of large deposits of dirt. If cleaning does not give a result, then the malfunction is eliminated only by replacing the cable with the connector of the headset Huawei Honor View 20. Work on replacing the cable takes about 1 hour.

Replacing the housing of Huawei Honor View 20

If the case of your device is very worn out and you can no longer find a place where there are no scuffs and scratches, but the device is completely satisfied and you do not want to part with it, then the Huawei Mobile Service service center will be happy to help you solve this problem. The device comes in a monolithic case, so it’s easy to restore its former appearance, just replace the back cover with the Huawei Honor View 20 camera window. If there are spare parts, the replacement work will take about 1-2 hours.

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