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How to disassemble a Compaq NC6120 laptop? Cleaning and replacing thermal grease.

There was a great laptop at the time. Nimble and with a good screen resolution.

These are photos of stickers that were pasted on a laptop. From them you can draw a lot of useful information.

This laptop is disassembled and cleaned easily.

Then, unscrew the screw and pry off the cap in the place where the yellow arrow points. Remove the cap. Under it, we will see part of the laptop’s RAM and a wireless module. But you can not touch them. The only thing that does not hurt to remove the DVD drive. How to do this, read a little below.

Under the small cap removed by us, there are two screws. Both of these screws fasten the keyboard, but not only. The left screw still attaches the optical drive. We turn off the specified screws. I would like to add that these screws are not for a Phillips screwdriver, but for a screwdriver with a hexagonal end.

And here is the promised picture, dismantling the optical drive. Since we already unscrewed the screw holding drive, we simply squeeze the DVD drive out of the case.

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The next task is to remove the keyboard of the Compaq NC6120 laptop. To do this, turn and open the laptop to its working position. There are special sliders on top of the keyboard, moving them, we will release the keyboard. Pulling it from above, slightly raise it a little higher, so that a train appears. We need to disable it, and after that the keyboard can be removed to the side. In the photo I showed this process in detail.

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Under the keyboard is the laptop motherboard with a cooling system installed on it.

Naturally, to clean it, remove both the cooling radiator and the cooling fan. We start with a fan. It is fastened with two screws, under a regular Phillips screwdriver. By unscrewing them and disconnecting the fan power connector, you can remove the fan to thoroughly clean it from dust. In the photo, the screws are marked with red circles, and the power connector is marked with a yellow rectangle.

Change Battery In Hp Envy Laptop

As you can see, the radiator was very dusty.

We unscrew the three screws holding one of the cooling radiators. Everything is shown in the picture.

Change Battery In Hp Envy Laptop

We clean the old thermal grease from both the chip and the cooling radiator.

Remove the main cooling radiator. It is mounted on four screws. And of course, we also clean off the old thermal grease.

But this, the result of a thorough cleaning of the most important places in the cooling system.

Now that all the elements have been cleaned, you can apply new thermal grease to the right places and install the cooling system in place. For those who have forgotten, refresh our memory by looking at the photo below.

Just remember to connect the fan power wire.

You can collect the rest without me. It remains to connect the keyboard cable. Slide the sliders holding the keyboard. Place the DVD drive inside the case. Turn the laptop over and screw a couple of screws, which, as you recall, are made with a hex screwdriver. Then, put in place and screw on the cap. We insert the battery into the laptop and you can do the first test run.

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