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Dog Towels

Types of towels for dogs Common and most economical options are ordinary towels rectangular or square shape, various sizes and colors. Less common types are unusual, but convenient form. with pockets for hands at the ends. The shape resembles a dog bone, available in several colors. Convenience of use lies in the fact that when[…]

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How To Feed A Labrador

Recommended and prohibited products How to feed a Labrador? Let’s start with the listing general rules for feeding dogs natural products: Food should always be fresh, preferably only cooked; Food should not be cold or hot, the best option is room temperature; Feed should be given daily at the same time in equal portions; You[…]

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How To Put A Dog Muzzle On

IMPORTANT! To save an article to your bookmarks, click: CTRL D Ask the DOCTOR a question, and receive a FREE ANSWER, you can fill out a special form on OUR SITE, via this link >>> Metallic, nylon, leather muzzle for dogs, models of all sizes and shapes from domestic and European manufacturers – what is[…]

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