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Can Puppies Chicken Bones

So, let’s try to understand why dogs can not chicken bones. First of all, in terms of nutritional value, the tubular bones are absolutely useless: the birds in these bones lack the bone marrow that other vertebrates have, and they are filled with air. Therefore, such bones are very fragile, they easily break, and they[…]

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Frisbee For Dogs What It Is

Recently, Frisbee has become increasingly popular. The name is derived from the English word Frisbee. The fact is that this name itself refers to very many things, and it is extremely difficult to talk about its one single meaning. There are several aspects that fully characterize this concept. After all, it is not even a[…]

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What Bones Can Be Given To A Dog

Can a dog have bones Chicken bone dog. The tubular bones of the legs and wings. It is impossible. Because when cracking, sharp fragments are formed, which easily pierce the intestines. As a result, intestinal perforation and peritonitis. Operation, the fight against peritonitis. At best, the dog can be saved. At worst, no. Believe me,[…]

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What Is Frisbee For Dogs

What is Frisbi and its occurrence. "Frisbee" literally translated as "bee", although in reality it is catching on the fly "flying saucer". plastic disc. The man starts the disc, and the dog grabs him in a jump. And brings the trainer, demonstrating good aportirovku. Needless to say, the dog requires good physical training and dexterity,[…]

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How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

Buying ammunition is one of the most important issues for the owner. After all, the comfort of the pet and the safety of others directly depend on the quality of the purchased products. Canine remind that the concept of ammunition includes not only the leash and collar (harness). A necessary condition for keeping a dog[…]

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