Case For iPad 3 Which is Better to Choose

Less and less are those who believe that a protective case for the iPad / iPhone is useless. Gadgets are becoming thinner, and even new alloys like anodized aluminum or sapphire crystal do not guarantee absolute reliability. But what material to choose for a protective case for the device?

Case For iPad 3 Which is Better to Choose


The silicone case has good shock-absorbing properties, that is, it absorbs a negative impulse when dropped or otherwise abruptly affects the iPad or iPhone. In addition, it tightly fits the device case, preventing the subsidence of dirt and dust. As a lack of silicone, we can mention the fact that this material gets dirty pretty quickly, but it also cleans quickly. Silicone is often used for shockproof cases like the Griffin Survivor.

Polyurethane (thermoplastic polyurethane)

The polyurethane case is easy to confuse with silicone, as these two materials are very similar in structure. But the TPU case has several differences:

TPU case is elastic, easy to put on and easy to remove from iPhone or iPad. Most often used for iPhone cases, it is an excellent option for everyday wear: such a case practically cannot become unusable.

Case For iPad 3 Which is Better to Choose


A plastic cover most often means a cover made of polycarbonate. a durable plastic alloy. Such an accessory has good impact resistance, resistance to temperature differences. Cons of a plastic case. it collects fingerprints too actively and is prone to scuffing. But you can avoid these problems by purchasing a plastic case with Soft Touch coating. This unique technology has three advantages at once:

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  • Leaves incredibly pleasant tactile sensations
  • Significantly increases the dirt resistance of the cover,
  • Protects the surface of the accessory from the appearance of defects from constant contact with surfaces.

A plastic case “sits” on the device more reliably than a silicone one, but removing a smartphone or tablet from it is a bit more difficult.

Genuine Leather

Used for premium cases like JisonCase, Hoco, etc. Leather Case considered a respectable accessory for a number of reasons:

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  • The leather case does not look defiant, but solid and stylish. Natural material is noticeable immediately, so those around are guaranteed to appreciate the good taste and status of the owner of such a cover.
  • It is pleasant to use a leather case: the surface is smooth to the touch, unique textures and the overall high quality of the product give a real aesthetic pleasure.
  • As you know, genuine leather has excellent wear resistance. In addition, a leather case is usually stitched around the edges. Such an accessory will last a very long time, reliably protecting the iPad or iPhone.

A leather case will be an excellent, thoughtful gift, as they say, “with a soul”.

Case For iPad 3 Which is Better to Choose


He is ecoskin or polyurethane skin. budget option than the previous one, however faux leather case It can also be a stylish, quality accessory. Technologies make it possible to produce artificial leather covers with a quality that is almost indistinguishable from leather. An example is the case for the iPad, an analogue of the Apple Smart Case. Polyurethane leather stably tolerates constant contact with surfaces, temperature changes, has good shock-absorbing properties. In addition, the faux leather case is perfect for those owners of the iPad / iPhone for whom ethical considerations do not allow you to purchase a leather case.


This material is, at its core, artificially made suede, but has unique properties. Alcantara has extraordinary heat resistance. So, furniture upholstered in Alcantara, almost fireproof. Alcantara is extremely durable: even with prolonged use, it does not wear out, does not begin to shine. Alcantara Cases manufactured by Borofone.

Case For iPad 3 Which is Better to Choose


Polyurethane is used by Apple to produce original accessories for the iPad (Smart Cover, there are polyurethane variants of the Smart Case), by Ozaki (Travel cases for the iPad series). The elastic properties of the material are great for making a case with a triangle stand: the front cover will not lose its shape, it can be easily folded. Polyurethane is very easy to clean and practically not subject to wear.


Fans of all kinds of “eco-accessories” will definitely appreciate the wooden case for the iPhone. Completely natural material, lack of dyes, unique texture on each cover, smooth, polished surface. it is a pleasure to use such a cover! And he will protect the back of the iPhone even when falling from a height. However, a wooden case is heavier and more voluminous.

Case For iPad 3 Which is Better to Choose

In any case, the choice is yours. Having determined what degree of protection and physical properties are necessary for everyday use of the case, you are guaranteed to choose the accessory you like from our wide range. Good luck

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