Cannot Connect Left Earphone Airpods

Cannot Connect Left Earphone Airpods

On the other hand, for the most part, the troubles that users most often complain about can be classified as standard. That is, those that the user himself can eliminate without much effort.

If it comes to business, competently.

In this regard, about what can happen with your new AirPods during their operation, and what should be done in such cases.

AirPods problems. don’t connect

If one or both AirPods suddenly ceases to connect to the iPhone, iPod or iPad with which you usually use them, then the first thing you just need to insert them into the case. Next, wait at least 10 seconds, then take out both headphones and insert into the ears. After another 3-5 seconds, AirPods should automatically connect to any of the devices that they already “know” if it is nearby and in working condition.

In the process, the connection indicator on the headphone case should blink white. If the white color of the indicator is not observed, close the case, press the reset button, holding it, open the case again and look at the color of the indication. It will either immediately turn white, or you need to hold the button pressed for a little while until it blinks yellow several times, and then finally blinks white.

If the headphones still did not connect, then turn off and on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad, to which the headphones are “tied”, and to which at the given moment of time they don’t want to connect. Open “Management center“, Turn off the Bluetooth module, wait with half a minute, turn it on again and look at the behavior of our AirPods. We connected. well, did not connect. we reboot them (more on that separately. at the end of the post )

AirPods problems. only one earphone works ( left or right)

As practice shows, this sometimes happens if, for any reason, replace one of the headphones pair. Without pre-configuration, the new AirPod, as a rule, simply does not synchronize with the old one and does not connect to the playback device. To fix the problem, you just need to give the iPhone, iPad or Mac a command to “forget” the old AirPods and then connect both existing ones as a new pair. You can do this as follows:

  • open “Settings“, Then”Bluetooth»And find the old AirPods in the list;
  • tap the letter “i” on the right and then. “Forget this device“(If you did not find the” Forgetting “function in the device settings, try restarting the network settings: “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Reset Network Settings”)

After that, we connect both headphones to the device, following the standard pairing procedure. If after that only one earphone still works, we perform the reboot procedure (see below).

AirPods Problems. Cannot Connect to Mac

To begin with, we note that if your Mac, let’s say, is not very new, then connecting AirPods to it can really be not so simple. But sometimes AirPods for some reason do not want to connect with new Macs. If such an opportunity has occurred, then we begin with the actions listed in the previous paragraph.

But keep in mind that if you turn off Bluetooth on your computer, then all the BT wireless peripherals that worked with it will turn off. In particular, a mouse, if it is also Bluetooth. Therefore, instead of disconnecting the Bluetooth module of the laptop, it is better to try to delete the current pair with the headphones and pair in a new way (“System Settings”.> Bluetooth choose AirPods and click “X“).

By the way, directly from the Mac, through iCloud you can also “untie” the headphones from all of your iOS devices with which they are paired, i.e. iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Only after that it is advisable to restart each of these devices.

A new pair with AirPods, once again open the Bluetooth settings on the Mac and carry out the standard pairing procedure. Next, iCloud automatically connects the headphones to all other devices. In the vast majority of cases, crashes when connecting AirPods to Apple devices are thus eliminated.

If the AirPods suddenly stopped automatically connecting to the Mac.

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. then you can quickly fix the problem using one of the following methods:

  • open “System settings“, Click”Bluetooth“, Further. “Turn off bluetooth“, Wait at least 30 seconds, then click”Enable bluetooth“;
  • in the menu bar, click the speaker icon and in the list “Output device“Indicate Airpods;
  • on Mac openSystem settings“, Click”Bluetooth“, We wait a bit until the computer completes the search for all available Bluetooth devices and the AirPods appear in the list (most likely marked“Not connected“), Now in the menu bar (at the very top of the screen) we click the speaker icon, we also wait a bit until all devices are displayed in the list, select AirPods and wait for a sound signal that indicates the completion of the headphone connection procedure.
  • in some cases also help several Mac reboots in a row, which clears the old iCloud cache and Bluetooth.

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AirPods problems. do not connect to Apple Watch

Before connecting Airpods to smart watches via Airplay, try turning on Airplane mode for several seconds in your Apple Watch and then turning it off. Focus often helps fix bugs with connecting or syncing headphones to the Apple Watch.

AirPods issues. not syncing with iCloud

In this case, you just need to exit iCloud and then log in again. Often this is enough to fix various bugs with synchronization. Including those because of which one earphone stops working (often this happens in the first 1-2 days after connecting AirPods).

If reconnecting to iCloud does not help, then you can also solve the synchronization problem by rebooting the headphones themselves. The procedure is described below.

AirPods problems. turn off while talking on the phone

There is such a problem. And it is especially annoying if the call is very important, or the headphones are disconnected when you are on the move. you drive, you go and run. Such a sudden shutdown occurs for a number of reasons, and therefore the problem is also resolved in different ways.

We start with the simplest. check the battery level of the headphones. If this is an order, then we switch AirPods to work with phone calls through only one earphone. This is their normal mode and in it AirPods should work without problems. We configure AirPods so that the left or right earphone always works as a headset microphone. To do this, tap on iPhone “Settings”.> Bluetooth, in the list of devices we find Airpods and click the letter “i” to the right of the name, then tap “Microphone“And choose at our discretion”Always Left AirPods” or “Always Right AirPods“.

In addition, you can also try temporarily disabling the automatic ear detection function. The mega-functionality of your AirPods will be somewhat diminished, but it may turn out to find out why the headphones are disconnected during a conversation. On iPhone, click again “Settings”.> Bluetooth, in the list of devices we find AirPods and tap the letter “i” to the right of the name and on the next screen turn off “Ear detection“.

In some cases, restarting the iPhone and / or completely rebooting AirPods helps.

AirPods problems. discharge very quickly

Ideally, fully charged AirPods last up to 5 hours offline. A 15-minute charge of a fully discharged headphone lasts about 3 hours. And for about a day, headphones work if you put them in a case from time to time.

If the autonomy of your AirPods differs markedly from these indicators, first check if the “Ear detection“. Thanks to it, the headphones automatically turn off as soon as you remove them from your ears, and do not consume battery power idle. Tapa “Settings”.> “Bluetooth”, letter “i” near AirPods.> “Auto Detect Ear” (the switch must be green).

If your headphones run out faster than usual, try opening and closing your AirPods less often next to your iPhone (or iPad). There is an opinion that the headphones somehow update the Bluetooth connection every time, which also does not contribute to saving the charge of their tiny batteries.

If the first or second #AirPods do not hold a charge, as before. #MacBookPro

how to reload airpods

The procedure is simple, it takes about 20 seconds, but, as you already understood, it allows you to solve many problems of a software nature that arise with AirPods. Plus, after rebooting the headphones. as a rule, connect faster too. So, in order:

  • put AirPods in a case;
  • on the back of the case we find the button, press it and hold the button for at least 20-30 seconds;
  • the orange light on the case lights up. the reboot is completed, close the case;
  • open the case next to the iPhone, after which the headphones will automatically reconnect to the smartphone;
  • iCloud will also automatically reconnect AirPods to all your other Apple devices.
how to clean AirPods

Firstly, regularly. Secondly, if you notice that one earphone began to sound worse (or both began to sound worse at once), then the first thing to do is to examine both devices for any substances on them, that is, dirt.

The longer you wear the headphones and the longer you neglect the procedure for caring for them, the more unpleasant this very procedure will turn out to be. For the simple reason that getting ear wax accumulated in the holes in AirPods is not only unpleasant, but also difficult.

You can clean AirPods with a regular toothbrush (clean and dry) with a soft bristle brush. If the radiator grilles are clogged, try first to “stir up” the dirt with a brush, and then with extreme accuracy, pull it out with. for example, a vacuum cleaner. And do not forget that in your hands, “ears” for 160 bucks.

As a last resort and if your headphones, it can be done with the mouth (they say that it’s even more effective than with a vacuum cleaner). The first time it’s unlikely to succeed, but if you repeat the procedure several times with a suitable brush, sooner or later you will remove debris from the grates.

We repeat, it’s really not enough pleasant, because it’s better not to bring this up and just clean the headphones at least from time to time, without waiting until they clog to an absolutely indecent state.

and also on airpods a jamb with sound when you listen to youtube, you go to another tab and the sound disappears

I stopped playing the left earphone, rebooted, it did not help. Nothing happened with the headphones, stopped playing on its own, connected with Win 10 by the iPhone

Vlad, what is the news with the headset, I also have a problem with the left one playing quieter, then louder but the sound seems to be distant, before that I cleaned the headphone itself, maybe it damaged it? Do you know what is with the guarantee?

Well, a guarantee like a year. I rebooted the phone and everything worked for me, about the fact that I started playing quieter, I don’t even know why, I haven’t had one yet.

After brushing with a dry ear bud, the headphones stopped reverting to tapas, switching no music or anything else. I downloaded both the headphones and the Device.

Wet one of the AirPods headphones, tell me what to do? The second earphone does not connect.

Both ears work separately, but only separately, when I put the second earphone in my ear, the right one immediately stops working, and the left one, as if nothing had happened, did all the procedures (except for cleaning), please tell me what to do, AirPods’ first generation

The left earphone does not work. I tried to overload the headphones, the phone still does not work. What to do