Can The Dog Give Boiled Bones

Any owner, realizing that the state of health of his pet depends largely on proper feeding, seeks to make for him the most beneficial diet possible. Many make mistakes at the same time, but, of course, by no means out of a desire to harm a pet, but because of elementary ignorance of simple things. For example, not every person can correctly answer the question: can boiled bones be given to a dog? If you also find it difficult to answer, be sure to read this article.

First of all I want to say that boiled bones for dogs are very harmful! Any dog ​​who tasted a delicious bone, who spent half an hour in boiling water, could be on the surgical table. In addition to the difficult operation, he may have to undergo a long rehabilitation, during which the owner will have to provide him with special diet food. On the other hand, there is always a chance that it will “carry over”.

Whether you have the right to put in vain the health and life of your pet is up to you.

Can The Dog Give Boiled Bones

Why dogs can not boiled bones? There are several reasons why it is better to refuse such a delicacy.

  1. The more carefully the bones are boiled. the softer they are, and the softer they are – the stronger they are compressed in the intestine. The result is one dense and large mass, which can not get out of the intestine in a manner provided by nature in a natural way and simply clogs it. After that, the dog can not go to the toilet – she starts constipation. It would seem that this is not such a terrible disease, however, if constipation lasts for several days, it can cause intoxication of the whole organism, and this is already dangerous. There is a chance to help your pet. make an enema and give petroleum jelly, but there are no guarantees that this will correct the situation.
  2. Since the bones are not digested, they may not even get to the intestines and get stuck in the stomach. It may be possible to extract them with endoscopic equipment, but not a fact.
  3. Boiled bones are perfectly crumbled, resulting in slices with sharp, cutting edges. Such fragments easily cut the walls of the internal organs through which they pass: the esophagus, stomach, intestines. Any such cut could lead to organ perforation, which, in turn, will cause peritonitis, infection. The treatment is a long one, and we also cannot do without surgery.
  4. Large parts of the bones can cause painful bowel movements and even rectal bleeding, which not only brings discomfort, but also threatens the health of the animal.
Can The Dog Give Boiled Bones

In conclusion, we will answer several related questions:

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Can a puppy give raw bones? No, it is impossible (as, however, boiled). There is a much more useful replacement.

How to make bones for a dog? In fact, the raw bone becomes boiled within 25-35 minutes after boiling, but the problem is that it cannot be boiled (for details, see above).

Remember that the more often and in large quantities you offer your pet bones, the less chance there is that everything will be bypassed.

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