Can Puppies Chicken Bones

Can Puppies Chicken Bones

So, let’s try to understand why dogs can not chicken bones. First of all, in terms of nutritional value, the tubular bones are absolutely useless: the birds in these bones lack the bone marrow that other vertebrates have, and they are filled with air. Therefore, such bones are very fragile, they easily break, and they break along, forming sharp fragments.

For comparison, try using a hammer to beat off meat to chop the tubular bone of the bird’s lower leg and the vertebral bone of the neck.

Likewise, the dog, at breaking the tubular bone of the bird, risks swallowing these sharp fragments, injuring the esophagus, larynx, and stomach.

Such a bone, stuck in the throat, will require surgical intervention with the use of anesthesia. Let it not so often, but it still happens. The dog ate chicken bone, stuck in the stomach, even with the most successful version, without scratching or puncturing the wall, will not be able to go into the intestine, and this is fraught with constant vomiting. Hence the surgical intervention – a complex abdominal surgery. If such a bone gets stuck in the intestine, it will create an obstruction and the likelihood of injury to the intestine, up to its perforation.

For treatment, an x-ray with a contrast agent is needed to determine the location of the obstacle, and then a complicated surgical operation — bowel resection, after which the dog will not be able to return to normal life for a long time and will have to follow a strict diet for a long time. Fragments of bones, reaching the large intestine, under the influence of the strong acidic environment of the gastric juice, soften and compressed, which leads to constipation. The dog whines, taking an appropriate posture, blood may appear. In such cases, a cleansing enema with oil helps, but subsequently a strict diet for several days is necessary again.

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The references of some dog breeders to the fact that in the wild nature the ancestors of dogs, which are wolves and foxes, eat the game entirely, without knowing which bones are harmful and which are not, are unfounded. Who kept the statistics of how many of these animals died from the crushing and eating of tubular bones?

Do not forget that the age of four-legged friends and so, alas, is short. So why shorten an already short life of a pet, why risk it? There is no benefit, but the harm can be very serious.

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