Can Lee Santa Claus Give Iphone 11

Can Lee Santa Claus Give Iphone 11

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Extend your childhood. present a fairy tale. write a letter to Santa Claus

In the world around us, we see serious, adult and business people, always in a hurry somewhere, solving important matters, and even responsible for human lives. Oddly enough, in dealing with many of them, you may suddenly find that many are not so happy about the New Year. But once, each of them, hiding from prying eyes, with trembling hands wrote a letter to Santa Claus, dressed up a New Year tree, fantasized and painted children’s dreams.

Surely the adult attitude to this holiday was formed on how often childhood wishes came true from a letter to Santa Claus. The banal "kindergarten", school matinees and New Year trees in the palaces of culture, where parents enthusiastically drove everyone, were erased from memory. But the New Year’s letters to Santa Claus and Uncle Vanya from the next apartment, who came with a shaggy beard and a magic bag, where the long-awaited gifts were hidden, these are vivid memories in the lives of adults.

LETTERS that have already written to Santa Claus by the New Year 2020:

Hello dear Grandfather Frost! I am writing to you, Simon. How are you, grandfather? I hope everything is OK!

Santa Claus, they tell me that you are not. Some children think so. Maybe they just don’t write you an address letter? You have never let me down! Every winter I look forward to my favorite holiday. New Year, I’m waiting for you to come and bring a gift about which I wrote in a letter!

I’ll tell you a little about myself: I live in the city of Orsk, study in the 3rd grade, play football and weightlifting, I love hockey and computer games. I love winter, holidays, New Year, gifts! Of course, I behave well, even if I forget to do my homework or dabble in the break. it’s not very bad, is it? At school in the quarter I have only one four! I help my mom, of course, and my grandmothers too.

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Now you need to write about your desires. What do I really want?

I want. I want to become a famous football player! I want to make a trip around the world! I want to fly to the moon! I want to find a treasure! I want less lessons to be asked, and weekends to be more frequent. I want five in Russian! To never get sick. And no one was ever sick. To mom did not swear. I want to build a house for homeless animals. I want to get a tattoo, write my own track. I want to win the competition!

And also, Santa Claus, I really want you to bring me a 3D pen! I really need it in order to draw voluminous drawings, create complex shapes, and maybe I can even invent something!

I promise to prepare for your coming. Dress up the most beautiful Christmas tree! I am really waiting for you, I wish you, grandfather, health, a lot of strength and a good mood!

Happy New Year!

Hello Dedushka Moroz!
Happy New Year! Health, happiness, good mood in the New Year!
I want to say that in the new year all the wishes of the children come true!
I really love the New Year, because all wishes come true, we go to the hill, with the class to the theater.
And this year I want a smartphone, and I hope that my wish will come true!
happy New Year!

16 Oktyabrskaya street, apartment 34

Hello dear Santa Claus! How are you? How is the Snow Maiden doing? I hope you all are well. Thank you very much for last year’s gift! If it’s not difficult for you, please give me a book "The Chronicles of Skyrim". I will be very grateful to you!

Happy New Year!)

Hello dear Grandfather frost. My name is Ponkratova Elizabeth. I live on Shkolnaya street 23 sq. 1 with Suday. Study well. I am fond of singing, dancing, drawing. I want to ask you to give me a fingerprint mobile phone
Thanks in advance!

Happy New Year.

Goodbye, Santa Claus! ️️

Hello Grandfather Frost, David writes to you.
I am in 9th grade, I like to play peas and drive, I spent a good and fun life in the same year!
I want dear Santa Claus to ask you to give me some kind of car, I really like to drive, I don’t have a car, and I decided to ask you to give me a car with a kind, clean, respectful heart!