Can I Watch TV Without Consoles


How to connect satellite tv without receiver

recently, it was possible to connect a home TV to watch television channels from a satellite only on a dish antenna through a special receiver. a satellite receiver. Is it possible to get satellite TV without a dish and without a receiver?
Now there is the ability to view satellite tv without receiver. Many modern TVs have a built-in digital tuner that supports the DVB-S2 standard, and a special slot for installing the CI access module. With a connected and properly tuned satellite dish, the TV receives satellite operator signals and allows you to watch satellite TV without the receiver’s set-top box. The antenna cable from the satellite dish must be connected with the F-connector to a special antenna input located next to the input of a conventional broadcast antenna.

Of course, this connection is convenient for several reasons:
1) There is no need to purchase an additional device. a satellite receiver.
2) No need to free up space in the interior for its installation.
3) To watch, you need only one, a television remote control, not two. It is much more convenient in operation. no need to grab at different remotes, in addition, they have the ability to get lost and fail.
4) The number of wires to the TV is reduced.

TV with integrated satellite receiver

TV with integrated satellite receiver produced by many well-known manufacturers of television equipment: Samsung, LG, Philips and others. The external difference of the satellite receiver in the TV is the presence near the input of a conventional antenna, another antenna input with a threaded connection for the F-connector. However, the presence of a second tuner does not always mean the ability to connect a satellite dish. The same input is used to connect DVB-T digital terrestrial channels or DVB-C cable channels. Only the presence in the characteristics of the TV tuner DVB-S or DVB-S2, means the possibility of receiving satellite television channels. Often, such an antenna input is combined for all types of digital signal and is designated DVB-T / T2 / C / S / S2. The S2 standard is more modern, but televisions with a built-in satellite receiver of the S standard accept television signals both standard and high definition HDTV.

To decode channels, a CAM module and an access card are required. Without this module, you can only view an extremely limited number of channels broadcasting without encoding in the public domain. All televisions with a DVB-S2 digital tuner support CAM modules. a device into which a satellite TV operator card is inserted, and which in turn is inserted into the PCMCIA TV connector.
After installing the module, you need to connect the cable from the satellite dish to a special TV socket using the F-connector. Next, you need to start the TV to search for satellite channels.
In the TV menu, you must select the input source: terrestrial TV, cable TV, satellite. put a check in the corresponding box. We search for satellite channels at all frequencies. The TV finds a large number of channels and stores them in its memory, while only information channels are open for viewing. At this stage, it checks the operability of the module inserted into the pcmcia slot, the compatibility of the CI card with the TV.

Next, you need to register the contract and activate the purchased conditional access card. On the provider’s website, you need to select a package of television channels, enter the contract number and smart card number. In field "Terminal model" You must select CI
After sending the application for registration, it is necessary to leave the TV turned on on one of the encoded channels of the selected software package. Connection takes place automatically within two hours.

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Can I Watch TV Without Consoles

TV with two satellite receivers

Models of televisions with two satellite receivers allow you to view simultaneously two channels of satellite television in PIP mode, or record one channel while watching another.
To watch a satellite channel and simultaneously record the transmission of another channel, you must connect two identical cables from the satellite dish to the TV directly without a receiver. Connect the first cable from the satellite dish directly to the SAT 1 connector, and the second to the SAT 2 connector. To do this, use a coaxial cable with the corresponding F-connector. Before starting installation, check the location of the satellite dish. During satellite installation, select the mode "Two tuners".

Manual TV tuning to satellite channels without a receiver

To manually configure satellite channels without a receiver, you need to select MANUAL SETUP and DIGITAL CHANNEL on the TV remote control in the MENU section. In the FREQUENCY parameter, you must enter the value 144000 KHz, in the MODULATION parameter, enter the value QAM 64, in the TRANSMISSION SPEED parameter, set the value to 6900 KS / S. Search for channels.
This tuning procedure must be repeated for frequencies 122000, 130000, 138000, 154000, 162000, 298000, 394000 KHz.

CAM module Tricolor

CAM module Tricolor Allows you to view satellite channels on modern televisions with a CI slot. Thus, it replaces the necessary additional equipment. a digital receiver, a tricolor card is inserted into the TV as in a satellite receiver. An additional condition for viewing satellite channels without a receiver is the presence of a digital tuner DVB-S / S2 in a television receiver. Such a tuner is installed in almost all modern mid-range televisions that are currently produced. You can check this by the technical characteristics in the operating instructions for the TV. The Tricolor CAM module allows you to receive transmissions both in standard digital SD quality and in high quality HD television image format.

Tricolor cam module has the following purpose: decoding of MPEG2 \ 4 TV channels, protected from unauthorized viewing by the operator’s conditional access system. The Tricolor CI module has the Plug and Play property, its installation is simple and straightforward. With its help, a decoding of one television or radio channel Tricolor TV occurs simultaneously. The system supports only 14-digit Tricolor TV smart card identification numbers of the form xx0245xx. xx

Satellite TV without NTV receiver plus

Kit satellite tv without receiver NTV allows you to view satellite TV channels NTV plus, on modern TVs. A prerequisite is the presence of a DVB-S2 digital tuner and a special Common Interface CI slot in the television receiver, into which an NTV card must be inserted. Thus, there is no need for a special satellite receiver; it is enough to install a special dish tuned in position 36E in the satellite visibility zone. Then you need to insert into the CAM TV slot a module with a conditional access card installed in it, and enjoy watching NTV satellite channels.

How to set up satellite TV on TV?

How to set up satellite TV on TV ELENBERG? There is a socket for connecting a plate, but I can’t even find instructions for it anywhere.

Often we are approached with this question, and, as a rule, owners of televisions that are not included in the list of well-known brands. Such devices can pretty well receive regular television channels and have acceptable image parameters. But, the presence of a satellite tuner does not at all mean the possibility of stable reception of this type of signal.
Television operators transmit a signal on different channels and with different technical characteristics: for reception on S or S2 tuners, using CI module of various versions, with different data flow rates. For the sustainable reception of modern television from a receiving antenna directly, without a receiver, it is necessary that the television possesses the following parameters:
The presence of a digital integrated satellite tuner DVB-S2.
Existence of the interface of connection of electronic modules CI of the new version CI (CI Plus).
Correctly running software for the latest version is required.
Support 45000 MHz signal flow rate.
Not every manufacturer of television equipment indicates in the documentation all the technical characteristics necessary to determine the possibility of working with a specific satellite operator. In this case, before buying, you must contact the manufacturer’s website for technical support. You may also need to apply for the latest software version. However, not every manufacturer has real technical support, and not only its visibility.