Can I Walk A Dog Without A Muzzle

Can I Walk A Dog Without A Muzzle

Representatives of the dog world, perhaps the most loyal, reliable and loyal friends of man. And so the owner of the animal, in an effort to do "how best" to his friend and take him outside without a leash and a muzzle, receives in return "as always." Is it possible to walk a dog without a muzzle? To give a definite answer is not easy, so you need to understand this situation.

Can I Walk A Dog Without A Muzzle

Where can and should not walk the representatives of the dog world?

In legislative acts at the local level, special places should be indicated where you need to walk your pet in a muzzle and without it. But there are practically no specialized grounds for walking “true friends” of a person in a big city, but what about small towns? It is necessary to adhere to the articles of the Federal Law "On the responsible handling of animals." In this case, law enforcement officials will not be able to issue a fine for walking the animal in the wrong place.

By the way, when asked whether it is necessary to walk a dog in a muzzle, you can also find the answer in the indicated law. When walking with an animal, the owner must:

  • To put on a leash and a muzzle to the pet, before going out with him;
  • Clean up after the pet, after he went to the toilet;
  • Control the behavior of the dog;
  • Avoid places prohibited for walking by local law.

The law clearly defines areas where animals are strictly prohibited from entering. It:

  • The terrain of any educational institutions (from kindergarten to university);
  • Playgrounds;
  • Areas of sports and cultural institutions;
  • Territories of any medical institutions;
  • Places of potential mass finding of people (city parks are not included here).
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The need for a dog to wear a muzzle

In Europe, the owner of the fighting breed dog is equated with the “owner of cold arms”. European officials refer 30 species to the dangerous animals of the canine world. In Russia, many owners of large dogs often take the latter for a walk, in principle, without a collar, a leash and a muzzle. They may not know which dogs need to be walked in a muzzle. Or maybe they just do not want to burden their pet with unnecessary details.

Can I Walk A Dog Without A Muzzle

The following dog breeds are considered dangerous:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier;
  • American Staffordshire Terrier;
  • South African Boerboel;
  • Anatolian Karabash;
  • Karelian Bear Dog;
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog;
  • Alabai
  • Metisy listed breeds.

Owners of animals from this list now know which dogs can and should be (!) Walk with a collar, leash and in a muzzle. In some cities, a dog whose weight exceeds 5 kg is considered a potentially dangerous animal. This is due to the fact that such a dog is capable of harming people and animals around.

It is impossible to predict which dog will chase a cyclist: a small dachshund or an American pit bull terrier. All, of course, depends on education. Many owners of large and dangerous breeds of animals lead newly-minted "friends" to specialists for training and dog training. While the owners of small dogs do not even suspect that self-indulgence and permissiveness can lead to sad consequences.

There are also some recommendations regarding the length of the leash. Today, dog owners are offered coil leashes and regular, strong leashes of various lengths. Young individuals are able to quickly spoil the first view, because their energy goes over the edge, they want to run and frolic.

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Therefore, it is better for them to purchase leads that are 3 or 5 meters long. Animals of potentially dangerous breeds should be driven on a 1.5-meter leash and with a muzzle. It must also be remembered about who can lead a dog to the street. In some regions, children and adolescents up to 12 years old are prohibited to carry the animal on a leash. This is due to the fact that a child cannot stop a large dog. Also, persons who are in alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication cannot walk their pet.

And what dogs can you walk without a muzzle? The requirement for the presence of a muzzle does not apply to representatives of the dog world of decorative breeds (the height at the withers does not exceed 25 cm) and to puppies up to 3 months. You also need to adhere to the regulations of a particular locality in order to avoid a fine.

Muzzle requirements

Certain rules on the choice of the muzzle does not exist. However, you can follow the following tips to choose the ammunition that does not harm the animal and does not allow him to remove the muzzle or gnaw it.
1. The muzzle must be breathable and allow the pet to open its mouth completely.
2. Choose the ammunition should be in size. The product should not create pain and interfere with the review.

Compliance with these conditions is a guarantee of the safety of others.

Can I Walk A Dog Without A Muzzle

Dog walking rules

As the articles of the Federal Law “On Responsible Treatment of Animals” state:

Owners are allowed to:

  • Keep the pet on a leash when driving through the roadway, on the road and on the sidewalk;
  • Walking the dog in the collar (it must contain the owner’s contacts);
  • Nursing an animal in specially designated areas.
  • Nursing a dog without a leash in parks and courtyards, on the territory of kindergartens and schools, health care facilities;
  • To get a pet in communal apartments without the consent of neighbors;
  • To give the command “Aport” in relation to people and other animals, to organize dog fights;
  • Prevent rabies vaccination;
  • Conduct animal experiments;
  • Allow contamination by animals (the owner must clean up after his pet).
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Ambient can contact the police or the district police officer and write a statement of arbitrary form if:

  • The owner prefers a pet to walk without a muzzle and a leash in the places not designated for this;
  • The dog attacked people or other animals;
  • The dog violates the peace of others and barks constantly.

After reading the article, the owners of their pets understand which dogs need to be introduced into the street in full ammunition, and which can be walked without a muzzle.

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