Can I Use My Phone At School

Can I Use My Phone At School

So, you still decided to give the child a mobile phone to school. In order to avoid the negative consequences of such a decision, it is important to understand and learn the “telephone etiquette” at school. What is it? This is a set of rules that will ensure peace for you, the child and his teachers. In this article I will share with you our option with my daughter.

In many countries, bans or restrictions on the use of mobile phones in schools are currently in place. These restrictions apply to both students and teachers. Somewhere you can’t even bring the phone to school, somewhere you need to turn it off for the duration of the lessons. over, the level of introduction of restrictions also varies: from government decrees to the orders of a particular educational institution.

The reasons for these restrictions are also different: caring for the health of students, maintaining discipline in the classroom, and even a ban on conducting audio and video recordings on school grounds.

the rules for using mobile phones are introduced at the level of specific gymnasiums / lyceums / schools. There is no single regulatory document, therefore, each educational institution is engaged in the “invention of the bicycle”.

Studying various experiments on this topic, I found the Resolution “On measures to streamline the use of mobile phones in educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. The document describes the procedure for using mobile phones by students and teachers in schools, secondary special and higher educational institutions.

This document is quite simple and concise. And most importantly, it contains all the main points that I would like to convey to my daughter. It was him who I took as the basis of personal rules for using a mobile phone at school.

The procedure for using the telephone

It is emphasized that the responsibility for the safety of the phone lies only with its owner (parents).

Upon entering the educational institution, not only every student, but also the employee, visitor and other persons are obliged to completely turn off the sound of calling the subscriber of their phone (that is, switch it to silent mode).

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Before starting training sessions and events (construction, educational hours, holidays, sports and other events), students are required to turn off the phone and put it in a briefcase, satchel, etc.

Students are strictly forbidden to hang the phone around their neck, store it in breast pockets, in the pockets of trousers and skirts, and also connect the phone to the electrical networks of the educational institution for charging.

In addition, it is forbidden to show others videos and photos that promote the cult of violence, cruelty and pornography, and harm the image of an educational institution, including by shooting and subsequently demonstrating scenes of violence and vandalism to others.

During classes, students are forbidden to talk and send SMS-, MMS- and other types of messages, use the services of GPRS, Bluetooth, the Internet and others, put the phone on the table, listen to music, including through headphones.

Also, you can not take pictures and shoot on video, use the phone in photo and video playback (play games, view images, text, drawings, videos, photos), voice recorder, calculator, calendar, notepad, notebook, etc.

When can I use my phone?

Students are allowed to use the phone in an educational institution (to call, send messages, use Bluetooth, the Internet and other services) between classes and activities only for operational communication with parents or persons replacing them, close relatives, heads or employees of institutions and only in cases justified and urgent need.

In this case, to talk on the phone, you need to leave the premises in the corridor or in the hall and conduct a dialogue quietly and briefly.

The use of telephone in educational institutions is not limited in case of emergency.

Teachers and other employees are also prohibited from using the telephone during class. Out-of-school time, they are obliged to limit themselves to the maximum possible use of the telephone in the presence of students.


For students who violate the requirements, such measures may be applied as a warning, a diary entry, a notice or call to parents (or their replacement) to conduct an explanatory conversation.

In case of violation of the rules for using a mobile phone, any teacher of an educational institution has the right to remove a student’s phone, draw up a memo on the fact of violation and hand it along with the phone to the director. or their deputy for subsequent transmission to parents., with a warning about the violation.

The procedure for using a mobile phone should be annually brought to the attention of each student and his parents on signature.

For safety reasons, my daughter and I supplemented this procedure with only one clause:

Iron rule. NEVER give your phone to strangers.

If the information from the article was useful to you or you have your own experience in resolving the issue, please write this in the comments.

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