Can I Return the Bought Phone Back

Can I Return the Bought Phone Back

What does the consumer rights law say?

Theoretically, there is a chance to return the device. But not in all cases. This operation is possible with the purchase of low-quality products. And nothing more. It is associated with additional chores that are time consuming. But more on that later. To begin with, let us consider in more detail various life situations.

Not to taste

Truth is near

The timing


Dates of marriage


Now a few words about how to bring the idea to life. Indeed, if the products are of high quality, then returning it is problematic. Even within the legal deadlines.

The first thing you can try to negotiate with sellers. For example, exchange the device for a similar or similar one with a surcharge. If an understanding worker comes across, he will enter a position. In this case, you will have to observe some conditions. We will consider them later.

A complaint

Return Terms

Are these components missing? Then a working device can, according to the law, not be accepted or exchanged. This is the only serious condition that must be observed.

What is needed to return?

  • warranty card;
  • payment receipt;
  • a complete set with the components of the device.

That is, all instructions, earbuds, headsets and other components should be in place. If the smartphone is in a state "how to buy"Handing it over is a lot easier. In case of equipment flaws, the process is denied. Complain about such decisions is useless. they are legal. And this should be considered by every buyer.

Return process

How can you imagine the return procedure? Consider the least problematic scenario. applying for a service in case of device malfunctions. Then you will have to follow instructions of the following type:

Claim form

Some are interested in how to properly make a claim for the return of devices. The form of this document. written. You can print the claim on the printer.

The paper structure is standard. There is also "hat" in the upper right corner, and the name of the document, and the main part with a detailed description of the situation and with a request to return the money for the purchase, and the conclusion.

The claim is signed at the end of the claim, as well as its transcript.

If materials or documents are attached to the claim, you will have to draw up a so-called application. This is a list of papers attached to the request. It is written after the main part, before the conclusion.

In fact, everything is simple. And making a claim to return the phone is not so difficult. Even a schoolboy can handle this!

Buyer Position

As we have already said, some sellers do not give the phone back, citing the fact that this is a technically complex device. This is actually not the case. And you can issue a refund by indicating that smartphones are not complex devices.