Can I Put A Ringtone On iPhone

If you’re tired of the standard melody installed on your iPhone 7 and you don’t know how to put your favorite song instead, then this article is for you.

Can I Put A Ringtone On iPhone

Many people do not want to remove the phone from their pocket or run to it from the other end of the apartment with each call, so they set their melodies to a specific contact or group of contacts in their gadget.

Although Apple takes great care of its users, such a simple task as setting your own ringtone can cause some difficulties. Let us consider in more detail ways to replace melodies from the standard library with another.

Making a call on iPhone 7 using the iTunes Store

To set the downloaded ringtone, you need to enter the phone book, then select the personal melody in the settings of the contact you need. Or you can simply change the annoying standard ringtone to all incoming calls.

If you don’t want to buy a melody or if you couldn’t find the one you want and you definitely want to set your own, then the following method is suitable for this.

How to put a call on iPhone 7 from your collection

I want to say right away that this method will require a lot of effort and patience. Since the iOS operating system does not provide for the possibility of creating and subsequently setting your own melody as a call, we will have to use a computer. So, let’s look at how to put your call on your iPhone 7 using your computer. Below is a sequence of steps to install your favorite ringtone from your collection to ring on iPhone 7.

  1. First of all, you need to download and install iTunes on your computer. If you have already installed this program, then proceed immediately to the second item.
  2. Open the aityuns and add the necessary song to it using the command: "File. Add a file to the library". After adding a ringtone, you will need to indicate the beginning and end of the passage of the song you have selected, for which, right-click on it and select the command "Details. Options". Please note that the passage should not be longer than 38 seconds!
  3. After the ringtone blank is created, you need to save it in a special AAS format. To do this, right-click on the prepared passage of the composition and select the command "Create AAS Version". After these steps, another version of the song will be displayed in the format we need.
  4. On the newly created ringtone, right-click and select the command "Show in Explorer".
  5. In the folder that opens, find the desired file and right-click on it, then select the command. "Rename" and change the file extension to m4r. If you do not see file extensions in the explorer, then go to "Start. Control Panel. Folder Options and Tab "View" uncheck the option “Hide extensions for registered file types”.
  6. After that, we again add the renamed melody to iTunes using the command "to add a file" to the library. After this action, the melody should appear in the Sounds category.
  7. And the last step is synchronization. If you have not connected your iPhone to the computer, then it’s time to do it. Using a USB cable we connect the gadget and select the “Synchronize sounds” command.

Now you know how to put the desired ringtone on iPhone 7. Enjoy!